It depends what the definition of 'stranded' is...

To be fair, White House press secretary Jen Psaki has the worst job in Washington, D.C.  She has to explain the unexplainable.  On Monday, she had an exchange with Peter Doocy, who is apparently the only reporter with a pulse in that room.  It's hard to believe that these are the same reporters who turned into wolves every time they saw President Trump.  Anyway, back to the exchange:

Psaki said it was "irresponsible" to say that Americans are stranded in Afghanistan. "I think it's irresponsible to say Americans are stranded. They are not. We are committed to bringing Americans who want to come home, home." 

Doocy followed up and asked whether "there are no Americans stranded" is the official White House position.

"I'm just calling you out for saying we are stranding Americans in Afghanistan when we have been very clear that we are not leaving Americans who want to return home," Psaki said. "We are going to bring them home and I think that's important for the American public to hear and understand."

Wow.  I thought that Bill Clinton was whispering in Jen's ear.

Of course, they are stranded, or maybe stuck, outside the airport.  The definition of stranded is "unable to leave somewhere because of a problem such as not having any transportation or money."  It sorts of sounds like the situation of Americans or our allies on the other side of the airport.

I think I understand what Miss Psaki is trying to say.  Her message is that the Americans are not stuck there unless we declare that they are helplessly stuck there.  In the meantime, there are God only knows how many Americans who are wondering how they are going to make it to the airport.  Let's hope they can do it before August 31, because all bets are off after that!

Maybe the Babylon Bee has these people figured out: "Tired Of Being President, Biden Hangs 'Trump Won' Sign Out Of White House Window."  Yes, the return of the smart people to Washington is not turning out to be what they had planned.  It's like the one stranded is the Biden administration.

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