In full fascist mode, Gov. Cuomo wants businesses to do what the law cannot (yet)

Fascists are communists who, rather than doing away with the private sector, allow it to function provided that the government calls the shots.  Keep that in mind as you think about Gov. Andrew Cuomo urging businesses that are open to the public to have "vaccinated-only admission."  Behind that lies the assumption that all of the business's employees are vaccinated.  Businesses in New York understand full well that this is an iron hand in a velvet glove suggestion.  After all, Cuomo controls the agencies that issue their business licenses.

In this video, you can see Cuomo frame the issue as a matter of profit: if you bar entry to the hoi polloi, the unvaccinated public, you'll have all the customers you want at your local bar.  And remember that Cuomo worked so briefly in the for-profit private sector that even Wikipedia doesn't have the data.  Here's the video; then my thoughts:

First, we know that the panic about vaccinated people spreading COVID comes from an analysis of a wild gay party and sex weekend in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Second, if you examine the facts that the tech tyrants and the mainstream media are so desperately hiding, the reality is that the vaccines have issues, not the least of which is breakthrough cases of COVID.  (There is some evidence that, even if vaccinated people catch COVID, their cases are less severe.  Lindsey Graham claims that's the case with him.)  As long as the government, tech tyrants, and media conspire to hide information from Americans, many Americans are going to be suspicious that the entire American leftist infrastructure is up to no good.

Third, it's one thing when businesses work with the government to create needed supplies during a crisis, as happened when Donald Trump was able to get an enormous number of ventilators and masks made for hospitals early in the pandemic.  It's an entirely different thing when the government conspires with businesses to deprive fellow citizens of access to the amenities of life.

Fourth, since Joe Biden is so fond of bandying about the concept of "Jim Crow," let's talk about what the left is doing here: it is planning on systematically excluding non-vaccinated people from participation in all aspects of American life.  Leftists are doing so despite (a) the vaccination's dubious effectiveness; (b) the unaddressed risks the vaccination poses, from short-term reactions to long-term negative changes to the immune system; (c) the millions of people who had COVID, thereby acquiring natural immunity, who may be at serious risk from the vaccine; (d) new cases already dropping nationwide, from a daily high of about 90,000 last week to about 60,000 this week; and (e) deaths remaining low, with a daily high below 500 nationwide:

Image obtained on 8/2/21 using this Bing search for nationwide COVID mortality.

We are no longer in a crisis.  We are in a flu season.  And the vaccination works much like a flu shot, providing limited protection that lasts for a limited time against one variant of the flu.  The difference is that the flu vaccine doesn't have the potential to make women sterile, damage people's hearts, or create serious immune disorders.

Nevertheless, Cuomo wants New York state businesses to close their doors to anyone who is not vaccinated.  CNN's vacuous Harvard graduate, Don Lemon, has suggested that unvaccinated people be barred from all places of business and institutions, including cutting them off from buying groceries.  And Vox's Ian Millhiser believes that a 99% tax rate should be imposed against unvaccinated people.  This is Jim Crow writ large; it's not hypothetical.  It's what Democrats are actively seeking to impose on the American people.

Oh, speaking of Jim Crow, I forgot one more thing: the Democrats' punitive plans will affect the more than 50% (on average) cohort of Blacks and Hispanics who are resistant to the vaccine.  Thanks to the infamous Tuskegee Experiment, they are wise to the ways of government-paid Democrats in control of minorities' health care.

I listened today to Dave Rubin interviewing Ben Shapiro.  Whether you like Shapiro or not, I highly recommend that you listen to what he has to say about the Democrats' vaccine plans and individual liberty.  Indeed, listen to the whole thing.  It's a loud warning about the authoritarian Democrats on the move today:

Image: Andrew Cuomo by DonkeyHotey.  CC BY 2.0.

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