However bad things were before, they're worse now

They're doing it again—scrabbling through the dustbins of recent history in search of solutions that have never worked. The Bible says it best: "As dogs return to their vomit, so fools repeat their folly" (Proverbs 26:11).

Since he took office on January 20, President Biden has issued scores of executive orders, memoranda, and proclamations in a cascade of paper-tiger efforts to return to the "good old days" of the Obama administration.

Biden's Cabinet picks have also reflected his nostalgia for familiar faces and fallacies. Most of them are Obama-era retreads like Sec. Austin at Defense, Sec. Blinken at State, and Sec. Yellen at Treasury. Apart from the old-timers, the one governing principle here seems to be that each candidate has been chosen to ensure maximum diversity of race, ethnicity, sex, and gender preference. Apparently, it's all about identity politics. Dr. Martin Luther King must be spinning in this grave.

There's nothing more dangerous than a man with only one idea unless it's a man with too many ideas. Our desperately groping leader has way too many ideas. Among the worst is the notion that, when the country you're trying to lead has too many unhappy citizens, the best way to fix the problem is to open your borders and bring in more unhappy people from all over the world. That has proven to be a political and fiscal time bomb.

If we take a closer look at the details of Biden's growing library of executive orders and proclamations, we see a sinister future for both the United States and the rest of the free world. Consider these two lists of radical changes in our nation's foreign and domestic policies:

Foreign Policy

  1. Stopped building or maintaining the border wall
  2. Implemented open borders for all, including Middle Eastern terrorists and Central American drug cartels
  3. Restored Obama's nuclear deal with Iran
  4. Ignored Trump's peace deals with Saudi Arabia, etc.
  5. Restored U.S. support for the Paris Climate Accord

Domestic Policy

  1. Kept Section 230 immunity for Big Tech (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.)
  2. Supported the 1619 Project in all schools and colleges to promote Critical Race Theory
  3. Endorsed unlimited abortion, "sex change" procedures, and euthanasia
  4. Raised the income tax on all millionaires to more than 40%
  5. Shut down all fossil fuel production and replaced these energy sources with solar and wind power.

Whatever the Biden-Pelosi-Schumer triumvirate's future plans for global "equity" may be, their current policies are already disastrous. Their open-borders immigration policy is triggering an unprecedented flood of illegal alien children that will overwhelm our health care and educational systems, and their clean energy drive is wrecking both our domestic economy and our foreign policy. As economist Stephen Moore observed back in February, "[w]e will reverse the energy independence achieved under former President Donald Trump to dependency on OPEC nations under Biden[.] ... [T]he Saudi oil sheiks, Russia's Vladimir Putin, and the communists in Beijing ... are going to make out like bandits."

Just when we thought things couldn't possibly get worse, we now have Biden's calamitously botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. When, on August 18, Pentagon military leaders Austin and Milley announced at a Pentagon press conference that there was nothing they could do to save the American citizens still in the custody of the Taliban, it became clear to many that the current situation in Kabul is far worse than our desperate withdrawal from Saigon in 1975.

Reaching out to a contemporary (whose name must remain anonymous for his own protection), I elicited this response:

Regarding the Austin-Milley press conference, yes, I watched it as well and have been trying to keep up with the whole process[.] ... My impression is that the whole process seems to suffer from poor decisions from the top. The president said there was no way to have conducted the draw down without chaos. This is only marginally true.

Simple common sense says you take out the civilians and refugees first while the military is kept there in the necessary size force to maintain overall area control. That includes all areas where we have to gather people and get them to the airports. Both airports were necessary for such a large action initially. The embassy should have been kept open to help with communication, processing records, and coordination with Afghan leaders. ...

What I described is simple common sense, but that is not how our leadership chose to proceed. They needlessly and unnecessarily assumed and relied on the Afghan army and government, which was inflated and shaky at best, to provide protection and support. Worse yet, it is reasonable to assume that, since the Taliban control all the country outside the one U.S.-controlled airport and since admittedly at least 15,000 personnel are under Taliban control, and since a smart enemy would realize they now have 15,000 hostages to bargain with, then they will not let any valuable assets return to the airport. They are too valuable as political prisoners. To give the enemy this advantage over us is beyond foolish.

Although the news media will cover it up and try to make it seem reasonable, it is in fact foolish, given the history and motivational failures of which we had ample knowledge. This is like watching the mistakes made in the Vietnam draw down all over again, but this is much worse than the Vietnam situation. ...

Finally, the world is watching us closely. Our allies, our enemies, our veterans, our citizens, if they are lucky enough to find out the truth, or even care, as they are distracted by the COVID-created diversion. Will we watch China take over Taiwan soon? I predict it will happen before November 2022.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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