'Hell of a job' Cuomie! Biden praises Cuomo on his ignominious exit

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's disgraceful resignation, one step ahead of impeachment, following his disgusting, pervy, behavior with women, ought to have triggered a standard-issue condemnation from Joe Biden's office, given that he's supposedly president.

Not so with old Joe. Asked about Cuomo's legacy, Biden replied:

“Well, he’s done a hell of a job. He’s done a hell of a job. And I mean, both on — everything from access to voting to infrastructure to a whole range of things. That’s why it’s so sad,” Biden said.

Which is remarkably tin-eared, given the facts of the matter about how Cuomo spent his taxpayer-paid time as governor (see the New York Post's collection of front page covers) and the disgraceful circumstances of Cuomo's exit.

Any sympathy for the women? Not a bit.

Joe's been there himself, after all, having been accused by Tara Reade of full-blown sexual assault, and so have a lot of his buddy Democrats. It's the essence of their political culture.

In a piece I wrote about the gropey behavior of New Mexico's Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan, here's a small list of them and what they were up to:

There's Andrew Cuomo, who's been accused by nine women of groping and grabbing and kissing them while on the job, making creepy sausage talk, and asking them to play strip poker.  He called at least one to his mansion and reached under her blouse and under her bra to cop a feel.  He ogled the aides and had a thing for putting his hands on the small of their backs.  Creepy, creepy, creepy.  Nobody does that.

While we are on it, let's take a look at old Joe.  He's been accused of swimming naked in front of female Secret Service agents, seemingly expressly to make them uncomfortable, like a flasher.  He likes to show himself.  He's also done handsy, grabby things on unwilling females in public.  He also been accused of bona fide sexual assault by Tara Reade, a charge that has yet to be adjudicated.  He's not known as "Creepy Joe" for nothing.

And Kamala Harris is well part of this culture, too.  Sleeping with Willie Brown to bite and claw her way to top was one thing, but she also tolerated creepy behavior in others and then pretended she didn't know.  Recall that in 2017, just four years ago, her office as then–attorney general of California was forced to make a $400,000 payout to a victim of a top staffer of hers, Larry Wallace, for sexual harassment.  As I wrote when the news of that broke:

And all the reported stories of what a pervert this guy was, about him making his female assistant act as a personal servant girl for errands, and worse, crawl under his desk to fix the printer, again and again, so he could get a gander at her butt, ignoring her when she asked to move the thing, and then tossing her to an unimportant division when she complained, Harris knew literally nothing?  Despite being the state's top lawwoman with him her deputy? 

Further upstream, there were Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd, who "taught" us all a new phrase: "Waitress Sandwich."  The pair of them were close allies of old Joe back when he was bothering Tara Reade. 

There was also New York governor Eliot Spitzer, who was awfully fond of hookers.  And Bill Clinton, who got it on with the interns — and "finished the job in the sink," as the Starr report noted.

Had enough? And sure enough, Joe isn't appalled or disgusted by Cuomo, he just thinks it's sad. He's all praise for the supposed non-personal acts of Cuomo on the job, but he ignores that Cuomo, in his job, on the taxpayer dime, was out playing pervert and predator -- on Democrat women as it happens, which is a betrayal of his high office right there.

Biden said he "respects" Cuomo's decision to resign, not mentioning that it was one step ahead of impeachment.

Respects? Who respects that? And respect for women? Not so much.

Meanwhile, speaking of that Biden praise for Cuomo's supposed non-pervy parts of his job performance, where's the nursing home investigation? Joe apparently told his Justice Department to drop the investigation into Cuomo's coverup of 15,000 nursing home deaths in New York after Cuomo ordered these same nursing homes to accept COVID patients returning from hospitals whether they liked it or not, effectively handing the most vulnerable people in America, the elderly people who should have been shielded from COVID before anyone else, a COVID death sentence. Hell of a job is quite literal as a description for Cuomo's job in that case, but not quite the way Joe thinks it is.

It just goes to show that Biden is as compromised as Cuomo on the pervert front. Tara Reade, who has accused Biden of actually sexually attacking her, has a few choice words about this, according to Fox News:

"My heart is with the brave Cuomo survivors who endured attempts to discredit them like I did coming forward about Joe Biden with the help of non-profits that were supposed to help women like Time's Up," Reade told Fox News. "May there be some measure of justice for the survivors. Now, let's call for a real investigation into Joe Biden and expose the corruption protecting powerful predators.""

Reade torched Time's Up, the organization that purportedly was meant to assist women who were subjected to sexual harassment and assault. However, it was swept up in the Cuomo scandal after revelations that co-chair Roberta Kaplan assisted Cuomo in discrediting one of his accusers. 

What a disgusting sump of corruption. Biden's tin-eared statements are predictable things, given that he's part of this whole pattern of behavior. If this Biden statement doesn't prompt disgust from female voters, then they'll deserve what they get. Biden is as bad as Cuomo is.

Image: Screen shot from CBS Evening News video, via shareable YouTube

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