Fraudy Joe gets an earful from a big swath of America

While the Biden team continues to praise itself as the hero in the Afghanistan pullout, the anger of parents of the 13 slain U.S. service members tells another story.

Kathy McCollum, mother of 20-year-old Lance Cpl. Rylee McCollum, called into the “Wilkow Majority” show on SiriusXM Patriot radio where revealed that she had just been notified at her home that her son was killed in the bombing that claimed the lives of at least 13 U.S. soldiers.

“That feckless, dementia-ridden piece of crap just sent my son to die,” she said, speaking about Biden. “I woke up at four o’clock this morning, two Marines at my door telling me my son was dead. So, to [have her on] right before me and listen to that piece of crap talk about diplomatic crap with frickin Taliban terrorists who just freakin blew up my son and no, nothing, to not say anything about oh my god, I’m so sorry for families. So, my son is gone.”

To all Democrats who voted for Biden, “You just killed my son with a dementia-ridden piece of crap who doesn’t even know he’s in the White House,” she continued. “He still thinks he’s a senator.”


“I never thought in a million years [my son] would die for nothing, for nothing, because that feckless, dementia-ridden piece of crap who decided he wanted a photo-op on September 11th,” she continued. “That’s what kills me. I wanted my son to represent our country, to fight for my country. But I never thought that a feckless piece of crap would send him to his death and smirk on television while he’s talking about people dying with his nasty smirk. The dementia-ridden piece of crap needs to be removed from office. It never would have happened under Trump.”

And from the Daily Beast:

“They sent my son over there as a paper pusher and then had the Taliban outside providing security,” said [father of slaim Marine Kareem Nikoui, Steve] Nikoui. “I blame my own military leaders… Biden turned his back on him. That’s it.”

The Daily Beast also noted this:

Through tears, Nikoui expressed flashes of anger along with his anguish. He said he wants to “respect the office” of the president, but doesn’t have much love for President Joe Biden at the moment. A Trump supporter, Nikoui was happy that Trump was in office when Kareem joined the Marines. “I really believed this guy didn’t want to send people into harm’s way,” he said.

Biden, who never stops emoting about his late son Beau, pretty well treated those 13 magnificent kids, average age 22, as disposable.

As one of the parents states, it was all about the photo-op for 9/11 and the opportunity for Joe to crow about it, never mind the impossible situation the Marines and other service members were put in, first being sent back after Biden realized he'd pulled the troops and left the civilians behind, and then leaving the Marines to deal with dangerous crowds at a panicked airport in a truly badly fortified position, relying on the Taliban for 'security' and tending babies thrown over the wall. It didn't take long for a suicide bomber to turn up and get them killed, even as the more protected airbase at Bagram was completely abandoned by Joe. Joe, of course, and all his staff, went on vacation, to Delaware, to the Far East, to the Hamptons.

You'd think someone who lost his kid, as he dubiously claims, to the "burn pits" in Iraq, would take more care, not less, with other people's kids, but not so with Joe. 

Somehow, nobody made a mistake, nobody's getting fired, and accidents, see, happen.

Going through the bios of every one of those young service members (surely we owe it to them) though, is heartbreaking. The photos of the now-deceased are hauntingredolent of the often-slain drummer boy portraits of the Civil War. It's pretty obvious the Marines, the Army and the Navy had been sending their best for this critical operation, top people. "Model Marine," "Marine's Marine." "Died doing what he loved." "..respected by all who knew him," "I love my job." are the social media fragments and statements left in the wake of Biden's preventable disaster.

Look at these beautiful young women here. Look at this precious young man. I wrote about the people of his (and Nikoui's) Riverside County, California community a few months back here. And in 2014 here. That's them. And all of them were clearly exemplary.

According to the New York Times:

The service members killed in the attack, in addition to Sergeant Gee and Sergeant Rosario, include Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Darin T. Hoover, 31, of Salt Lake City; Corps Cpl. Hunter Lopez, 22, of Indio, Calif.; Corps Cpl. Daegan W. Page, 23, of Omaha; Cpl. Humberto A. Sanchez, 22, of Logansport, Ind.; Lance Cpl. David L. Espinoza, 20, of Rio Bravo, Texas; Lance Cpl. Jared M. Schmitz, 20, of St. Charles, Mo.; Lance Cpl. Rylee J. McCollum, 20, of Jackson, Wyo.; Lance Cpl. Dylan R. Merola, 20, of Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.; Lance Cpl. Kareem M. Nikoui, 20, of Norco, Calif. The dead also include the Navy Hospitalman Maxton W. Soviak, 22, of Berlin Heights, Ohio, and Army Staff Sgt. Ryan C. Knauss, 23, of Corryton, Tenn.

It's a vivid snapshot of America, and not completely what might be expected. The servicemembers are all painfully young. They are white and Hispanic. They are from conservative areas -- Utah, Wyoming, Omaha, Indiana, Riverside, Calif., and Rio Bravo, Texas. They come from a balanced geographical cross-section of the U.S. excepting big cities, and there are a couple of unexpected anomalies -- only one servicemember from the South, four from inland California. (The booming economy of the South and the appalling economy of California might explain that.) 

Biden apparently has never called them, and there have been errant Internet reports that nobody from the White House has turned up for their caskets' arrival at the airport (these rumors fly because they represent what people suspect). Right now, Biden seems to be hiding. He reportedly does not want press as he meets with families and we all know the reason for that. To paraphrase the parents, he's turned his back on America. Cowards do that.

More disturbing, it's now coming out that Biden's claimed understanding of what happened is increasingly preposterous. Turns out the Taliban "chief of security" has ties to ISIS-K, even though Joe Biden had claimed that the whole thing was a security breach not meant to happen because Taliban and ISIS-K were "mortal enemies," and the Taliban had "self-interest" in a smooth pullout. Such garbage.

While Biden shows nothing but indifference and emotes only about Beau, the deaths of these young heroes, abandoned to Joe's political idiocy and cupidity, are clearly moving the American people. We are seeing spontaneous demonstrations like this for the service members and many outpourings of sorrow.

In addition, Afghani exiles are gathering and speaking out. 

It's a sign to Joe that this story won't vanish as he's calculating, with the photo ops and the news cycle. 

Our troops deserve better than this, and certainly better than cynical fraudy Joe. Biden sacrifices nothing. Our troops have given all.

Image: Nicole Gee, via Instagram / U.S. Department of Defense, government work

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