First Afghanistan, then COVID

The eyes of the country are glued on the debacle unfolding with the Afghan withdrawal.  It is surely correct to pull out of that backward hellhole.  But Joe Biden and those advising him have demonstrated their utter incompetence to do it in any order.  The most notable of this group include the "woke" chairman of the Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley; the pathetically weak secretary of state, Antony Blinken; and the effete national security adviser, Jake Sullivan.  But they are far from alone.  Below this group are levels upon levels of entrenched swamp creatures just as bad as their leaders are.  This cadre cycles from one government agency to another, or back and forth between Washington-related think-tanks and government positions.  Never leaving the Washington bubble, these people preen about with their ribbons, diplomas, and job titles, projecting themselves as the smartest of the smart.  But by the results of their handiwork, they show themselves to be incompetent and clueless about the real world.  Their 20-year record just in Afghanistan back to the Bush-Cheney administration proves that.

So what does the botched Afghan bug-out have to do with COVID?  Plenty.  In speaking of the Afghan mess, Tucker Carlson said that we as a country are led by "buffoons."  That's obvious.  And it should also be obvious by now that the people running the national health establishment are cut from the same cloth as those buffoons running the foreign affairs establishment.

Anthony Fauci is their frontman.  That's all he is.  Fauci is a cutout figurehead, the same as the installed president, Joe Biden.  On COVID, one day the message is this, and the next day, it's that.  The media are too busy pushing the most recent party line to highlight the contradictions or draw logical conclusions from them.  The push now is for mandates for the entire population to be vaccinated with experimental and unproven vaccines.  This is insane.

The catastrophe we're now witnessing in Afghanistan did not happen overnight.  It was twenty years in the making.  Throughout that time, the Intelligence Community and military brass both kept reassuring us that "we're winning" and progress is being made.  Looking back, they either were fools or were deliberately lying to keep America's blood and money flowing into that nation-building folly. 

Don't think something similar isn't going on with the official government COVID policies.  Already it is known that the health establishment has repeatedly lied about the number of COVID cases and COVID deaths.  They lied about the source of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China.  And they continue to lie about the effectiveness of masks and general lockdowns in stopping viral transmission.  Worst of all, the Fauci crew cannot justify the vaccination policy they're demanding.  This is evidenced by how they tolerate no criticism of their pronouncements, call for censorship, and run from any open debate with opposition virologists on the matter.

Taken together, this portends a coming health debacle similar to the one in today's Afghanistan.  Sorry, folks, but nothing else can be expected when the country is led by buffoons. 

Image: PxFuel.

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