Fast and Furious, part II

Remember your outrage when you learned that Obama and Holder decided to allow quite valuable weapons to fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels to purportedly allow for tracing of said weapons in drug-related activities?  Still worse, the tracing showed their use in killing border agent Brian Terry.  That is, he was killed with guns his own government supplied.  (We were supposed to recoil in horror over more "gun violence," but plans went awry).

It seems that Obama and Holder thought too small.  Biden, Harris, Blinken, Austin, Milley, and Pelosi (names that will yet live in infamy) have allowed thousands of times that ordnance to fall into the hands of two of America's most rabid enemies, the Taliban and al-Qaeda.  Does anyone doubt that this weaponry will be used to kill many more Brian Terrys?

As I watch the news unfold as you probably do — dumbfounded — I am torn between believing that our current leaders are buffoons and believing that their actions (and intent) are treasonous.  The latter idea seems less far-fetched, considering that Obama announced that he was going to fundamentally transform America.  I guess we should have taken him at his word.

Under that analysis, the treasonous explanation for this week's Kabul disgrace and disaster is the correct one.  I look at the totality of actions by this questionably elected regime and its Obama prequel (I refuse to legitimize it with the word "administration") — Keystone Pipeline, southern border, Antifa, BLM, CRT, COVID handling (especially re: the 2020 elections), resurrected inflation, woke military, Nord Stream 2 pipeline, dismissal of COVID lab origins, and on and on — and I lean even more to that incredible conclusion.

Also, like many of you, I've held my tongue for the past many years — with woke neighbors, woke family, woke friends.  But the sight of that U.S. helicopter lifting off from the U.S. Embassy — the same embassy that put out a proud tweet in June celebrating Pride Month — ended that for me.  It's now game on.

Anyone offended by my views (AKA truth) can exit my life.  If I had no stake in things earthly beyond my wife and me, I might just sit back and watch things implode.  But I have a child, and that changes everything.

I fully intend to ask everyone I know who voted for Biden/Harris, how that's going down with you?  And to thank them for their service!  I intend to leave around copies of American Thinker essays like confetti.  I intend to have a yard sign and a bumper sticker that cast aspersion on BLM, on Marxism, on CRT.

I intend to contribute financially to every bona fide conservative candidate who I can confirm as true.  I intend to campaign for these people.  I intend to run myself for my local school board.  I'm coming.

We need to remember these progressivist leftist quislings.  All of them.  From politicians to news anchors to reporters to late-night "comedians" to university "educators" to sports superstars to corporate and foundation board members, and to elites everywhere.  And importantly, we need to let them know they are being remembered.  We will not watch their shows, buy their products, or contribute to their charities.  We will push back against everything they say or do.  They need to reflect on the fact that actions have consequences, just as in 1775.

I would love to say that Biden's strings are being pulled from Beijing or Moscow, but that overlooks the greater likelihood that they are being pulled from within the U.S.  Not that Beijing or Moscow won't be thrilled to help kick us over, but probability says our demise is being domestically engineered.

So the next many years are likely to be incredibly trying for anyone who ascribes to any shred of patriotism.  Remember "These are the times that try men's souls?"  But to those who are planning America's demise, know that eyelids across America are starting to flicker awake.  Demise will come at an enormous cost to the left in terms of money, prestige, and positions, and our demise may not be the final result at all.  Game on.

Image by Andrea Widburg.

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