Elder Derangement Syndrome (not the Biden kind)

The tightness of polling on the recall of Gavin Newsom, combined with the frontrunner status of Black conservative Larry Elder, has driven many progressives over the edge, into madness.  Nothing infuriates condescending Whites and racialist Blacks more than an independent-thinking, articulate Black conservative.  The continuing disgraceful treatment of Justice Clarence Thomas by the corporate media and establishment Black institutions is the most prominent example to date.  But the prospect of the governorship of our nation's most populous state, deep blue California, falling into the hands of a Black conservative has driven people to say absurd things, laughable on their face.

Heather Mac Donald has a characteristically excellent piece at City Journal on the left playing the race card on Elder.  Understand that crime and homelessness are seriously affecting the quality of life for most Californians.  Fear now plays a role in life that it did not prior to the governorship of Newsom.  Elder's commonsense approach discards the progressive shibboleths and therefore outrages the progressives.  Elder has even been called a "white supremacist" in major publications.  The fear of crime, especially among Blacks, who are the disproportionate victims, could well push him into the governor's office if the election is not stolen.

Read the whole thing, especially for the thorough debunking of left-wing claims against Elder's factually correct observations on the source of crime.  Nobody masters crime statistics the way Mac Donald does.  Her conclusion is self-evidently correct:

Trying to ensure that blacks get the policing they need in order to stay alive would not seem to be the gesture of a white supremacist, black or white.

One other thing that she does, though, is examine the total absence of media consideration of the possibility of the "historic first" Black California governor.  Because the hypocrisy is so deep, it becomes downright amusing.

If Elder were running as a Democrat, the press would be celebrating the possibility of California's first black governor. Instead, we hear nothing about "shattering glass ceilings" or "diversifying" the ruling elite. The New York Times ran an entire front-page article on Elder's candidacy without once mentioning that he was black. (The article did claim in passing that Elder was an affirmative-action admit to Brown University, an unthinkable charge regarding a black liberal.) A column by Paul Krugman two days later was equally colorblind regarding the Elder candidacy. Has the Times renounced identity politics? Only selectively. Adjacent to the August 25 front-page article was a story on New York's new governor, headlined "Hochul Breaks a Barrier and Pledges a New Era." The story opened with the observation that "Kathleen C. Hochul became the first woman to ascend to New York's highest office on Tuesday." Yet Hochul's entry into the governor's mansion in Albany does not even signify anything about gubernatorial voting patterns; she was not elected but slotted in after Andrew Cuomo's resignation. Black governors have been much rarer than female ones. Elder would lead the nation's largest state and be just the third black governor ever elected in the United States, following Douglas Wilder in Virginia and Deval Patrick in Massachusetts.

Elder is indifferent to the silence regarding the "historic" nature of his candidacy.

But the media's effort to portray his run merely as a resurgence of alleged Trumpian racism depends on a shameful duplicity regarding crime and policing. As long as that duplicity remains in force, in the California governor's office and elsewhere, the country will continue sliding toward anarchy.

Alas, I see every sign that the left is pulling out all the stops to steal the election.  Ballot envelopes have been designed to reveal a yes vote on the recall when the voter folds the ballot in the most logical way and puts it in the envelope.  Easy to spot and discard before counting.

People are even allowed to print their own ballots, which seems redundant since the election is entirely by mail with a huge mailing of ballots, purportedly to every registered California voter.

It seems that quite a few people not eligible to vote are also receiving ballots, in addition to whatever fake ballots may be printed up:

While I am as cynical as can be about election integrity in California, I still have a slim hope that, given the level of panic we see on the left, he still has a chance to win.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, license.

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