Disney disses Trump

The Disney company is no longer an America-friendly company.  It is, instead, a leftist agenda–friendly company.  It made this clear once again when it installed Biden's animatronic figure in its famed Hall of Presidents in Disney World.  Installing Biden's figure is unexceptional because Disney has done this for every president since 1971.  What shows Disney's politics is the fact that it moved Trump's animatronic figure to a back corner with early 19th-century presidents.  And, just as it's done with other "disfavored" Republican presidents, it's excluded him from its video highlight reel.

Here's one Democrat gloating about the righteousness of Trump's displacement:

Additionally, the Disney highlight reel of modern American presidents not only conspicuously stopped with Obama but also managed to exclude a few other Republicans:

Perhaps more glaring in Disney's presentation is Trump's conspicuous absence in a highlight reel of recent presidents that plays before the animatronic figures are displayed for the audience.

The video features video clips of every president since Dwight Eisenhower, except for Trump, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush. One could argue Trump's presidency did not have a memorable moment or speech worthy of inclusion, but the montage pulled a quick line from Bill Clinton's Oklahoma City bombing eulogy, which isn't quite on the level of notoriety of Ronald Reagan's "tear down this wall" line or George W. Bush's speech in the aftermath of 9/11.

It says something about the quality of journalism today — or the reporter's deep hatred for Reagan — that he used the word "notoriety" to describe Reagan's "tear down this wall" line.  Dictionary.com accurately defines "notoriety" as the state of being "notorious," with the latter word meaning "unfavorably" known.  Considering that Reagan's "notorious" line helped bring freedom to millions the world over, only an ignoramus or a leftist would describe it that way.

When it comes to Joe Biden's animatronic figure, I am reminded of Dorothy Parker's famously cutting question when she heard that Calvin Coolidge (one of America's greatest presidents but hated by America's 1920's progressives) had died.  "How can they tell?" she asked.

Watching the video of Joe Biden's Disney animatron in motion, it definitely captures Biden's creepy vibe.  Really, the only thing that distinguishes it from the original is that it has a touch more dignity, perhaps.  Still, it certainly provided fodder for Twitter wits, who found a few inspiring words to put in Animatron Joe Biden's mouth:

Disney has raked in money for decades because it appealed to everybody.  Certainly, under the aegis of both Walt and Roy Disney, its management truly loved America and American values.

Of late, though, Disney's management's hard leftism means that it's forgotten Michael Jordan's wise words in 1990 when he was asked to make public statements about a North Carolina Senate race.  Although Jordan later said he had donated to the Democrat candidate, when it came to publicly choosing sides, he remarked, "Republicans buy sneakers, too."  Apparently said in jest, those were nonetheless wise words for anyone who hopes to maximize market opportunities in America.

I've looked at Disney's actions over the past few years, everything from pushing the LGBT agenda onto children to playing kissy-face with the brutal Chinese Communist Party, and I've concluded that I never again want anything to do with the company, including visiting the theme parks I once so enjoyed.

Image: Animatronic Joe Biden.  YouTube screen grab.

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