Delaware: Where transparency goes to die

The president of the United States is hiding in his basement — again.

This is very peculiar stuff.  After all, the White House is nice, with all that security, the beautiful rose garden, the manicured lawn, and the fancy chandeliers.  There are strapping Marines who open doors and salute the dwellers.  If you have to work from home, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is a choice location.

So why is the president abandoning the special confines of his Washington, D.C. residence and scampering off to northern Delaware and his compound on Barley Mill Road?

That is only the first question.  Here are more.

Is Joe meeting with anyone in Delaware?

If Joe meets, consults, negotiates, or otherwise converses with anyone on behalf of the people of the United States, do we not have a right to know who these people are, and the subject matter or reason for the meeting?

Joe Biden told us, during his campaign: "I'm running for three reasons: to restore the soul, dignity, honor, honesty, transparency to the American political system."

That's more than three, but who is counting?  The point is that transparency is what Joe was calling for, what he promised us. Now he is hiding in his bunker again.

Here's the thing about Joe's compound in Greenville.  It is secluded.  The woods around his home are lovely, dark, and deep.  News cameras cannot penetrate.  Reporters cannot get close enough to see anything except the two blacked-out Secret Service Suburbans blocking the driveway.  On the highway, a flashing road information sign warns — NO DRONE FLIGHTS.

So when Joe is in Delaware, the press is excluded.  Are they excluded intentionally, or is it just the nature of the surroundings?  What's the difference?

In Delaware, English is a second language.  Gossip is first, so let me speak in my native tongue:

The world is now aware, but Delawareans have known it for years, that Joe Biden is in a state of poor overall physical health.  In particular, he is suffering from an obvious mental disability.  In Greenville, the lights are on — but nobody is home.  Sad, but true.  And here's the deal (as Joe would say): like that engine knock you hear in the used car you just purchased, it's not going to get better.

Meanwhile, back at the bunker: Is Joe meeting with some person or persons supplying him with pharmaceutical assistance for his condition?  Is there a Doctor Feelgood with a briefcase full of pills like the kind of doctors employed by Elvis and Michael Jackson?  Is Hunter Biden, a drug addict, acting as a go-between?

Since there are no visitor logs or minutes of meetings — you know, those transparency things — no one knows.

And, there are the stolen laptops.  If someone is blackmailing the president of the United States, as has been posited by Hunter Biden himself during some sordid pillow talk with a prostitute on video, perhaps some negotiations are transpiring around the kitchen table in Greenville.

Yes, Joe.  Thanks for putting Delaware on the map — Ground Zero for transparency.

Willie Shields is a talk radio host and the author of Exit 13A – A Control Tower Diary.  A former U.S. Marine and an FAA air traffic controller, Mr. Shields resides in Wilmington, Delaware.  Email: WSHIELDS1775@VERIZON.NET; Twitter: @WILLIEONRADIO.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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