Curing the virus of leftism

There are two kinds of viruses that most people know about:  computer and biological.  There is a third kind that we are beginning to understand more fully than ever before.  It is cultural and political.  It is leftism.

All three viruses work on the same principle.  They hijack the host.  Computer viruses work their way into the programming software.  Biological viruses (such as the China Virus) insert their genes into the genetic code of the host cell.  In both cases, they use the host to create more viruses, and eventually, in the worst case, to so overwhelm the host's normal functions that it expends all its energy on creating more viruses until the host can no longer function at all.  It dies.  Thereafter, some of the viruses may go into a sort of hibernation, until they are inserted into a new victim.

In the case of a society, a small number of people insert themselves into a nation's institutions.  They then begin subverting those institutions, not to serve the needs of productive citizens, but instead to work against them.  It matters not that the majority of voters oppose the leftist policies that are destroying the nation because those votes are reversed inside the voting apparatus.  In other cases, uninformed voters are deceived into voting for their own destruction.  Finally, there are those citizens upon whose greed and cowardice the leftists can capitalize.

For some viruses, certain medicines may destroy them, but once the infection has gone too far, the medicines are ineffective and, in some cases, counterproductive.

Any analogy can go too far, and this one has gone far enough.  We do have a remedy for the "Woke Leftism" that is ruining our future, but by this time, we have run out of all the easy options.  The only remedy remaining is for a general uprising of a huge segment of the population.  Nothing short of that has any hope of success.

The general uprising means widespread and fervent civil disobedience.  When ordered to surrender our firearms, we must refuse.  When ordered to teach our children that they are guilty of the crimes of past centuries, we must disobey.  When we are commanded what to say, and what not to say, we must speak our minds without fear.  When required to be injected with substances of questionable medical value, we must resist.  

Some state governments are already showing early signs of throwing off the yoke of tyranny.  Florida and Texas, among others, are waking up to the fact that their constitutional authority to govern is being systematically and illegally revoked.  Florida refused to comply with onerous rules from Washington, D.C. to shut down its economy.  Texas is attempting to restrain the flood of illegal aliens, aliens who the left affirms should be entitled to vote.  

These actions must be only the beginning.  Other states must join in.  The leftists will never surrender their illegal powers.  Those powers must be taken from them, with neither hesitation nor apology.  There are peaceful ways of doing this, even though the left never constrains itself to peaceful methods.  Its willingness to riot, loot, and impose martial law has been on display for over a year now.  

If we sit and wait, we can be assured that Communist China will act, and act decisively, to our detriment.

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