COVID bumps climate change

"Fear sells."

This long-held trope from the sales world is also the battle cry for the political enemies of individual freedoms and the U.S. Constitution.  Isn't that what climate change is all about?  "The world will end unless you give up your rights!"  Seems as if every solution to the existential threat of climate change involves abandonment of freedoms, acceptance of micro-management of your life by the State, and a societal shift to more collectivism — socialism to communism.  The new red is green.

For thirty years or more, the hysteria surrounding climate change continues to amp higher and higher.  The left, including the political class and their allies in news, entertainment, and tech media, has employed every leveraged or rhetorical mechanism imaginable to sell the threat of climate change.  The screams are always getting louder.  It doesn't get much more dire than "ten years 'til the Earth burns!"  But every doomsday prediction has proven false, and climate change always takes place far, far away.  Scary?  Yes, but scary enough for Americans to give up their rights?  No way.

Enter COVID-19, the pandemic.

It's real, and it's truly deadly.  Nobody needs to be sold anything; everyone understands that the virus is real and everyone is at risk.  People are anxious to do whatever it takes — whatever it takes — to stop the spread and threat of the COVID-19 virus.

What's the government's reaction to the crisis?  Take total control over all aspects of society and start micro-managing people's lives through edicts.  You want to live, don't you?  Shut down work; the state will give you money instead.  Wear masks.  Don't leave your home.  Don't stand near anyone else.  Wash your hands when we tell you.  Maybe we'll let you barbeque on the fourth of July.  And carry your papers in case we want to inspect them.

No wonder the left is fighting like mad to keep people afraid of the virus.  Fear of COVID has delivered to the leftists power unfettered by the Constitution. 

What about the ten-year timetable to worldwide destruction from climate change?  As Seinfeld would say, "yadda, yadda, yadda."

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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