Chicago official, on bagpipe mourning ritual for slain officer: 'We don't have time for this s---!'

It seems the Chicago police department's officers have more than one reason to turn their backs on Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the wokester freaks running that crime-plagued city.

This Chicago Sun-Times story here is beyond appalling:

Chicago police officers upset with Mayor Lori Lightfoot over her reform policies are also directing their anger at the Chicago Police Department's second-in-command.

First Deputy Police Supt. Eric Carter infuriated officers gathered Saturday night at the Cook County medical examiner's office to give their slain colleague, Ella French, a final send-off.

Ignoring a sacred ritual, Carter impatiently declared: "We don't have 20 minutes for this s---." He demanded the Chicago Fire Department ambulance bearing French's body be taken directly into the medical examiner's office, skipping the Emerald Society's traditional playing of bagpipes.

"We're not waiting on the bagpipes. Go ahead and get the vehicle inside," Carter is heard saying on a recording.

"Take it all the way inside. Do not stop."

Did I just hear the word "s---" used in conjunction with honoring a fallen police officer?  A very fine fallen police officer, a new mother, an officer who had just saved a baby wounded by gunfire, a 29-year-old woman gunned down in the prime of life?  Someone who gave her life to the city?  "S---"?

I'm nauseous.  This kind of crap would be news even if the most hardened Antifa leftist uttered it, but to hear it coming from one of the perfumed princes running that wretched city, supposedly in charge of the police, and a political appointee, no doubt, is unbelievable.  The clown thought those 20 minutes to honor a fallen officer, same as all fallen officers are honored, with a sorrowful playing of bagpipes, was time that could be better spent someplace else.  And she was just some kind of garbage to haul out?

My mind boggles.

It goes to show what a band of freaks are surrounding Lightfoot, given that this sorry substitute for a man has such a high position of authority in the Chicago Police Department.  When police speak of city officials not "having their backs," this one went and proved it.  I find it a little suspicious that the Chicago P.D.'s website has nothing at all on the murder of one of their finest, someone who's a walking ad for police officers being friends of the people, not the Antifa claim that they are enemies.  Nothing.  Zip.  Nada.  Go see for yourself.

As for Carter, he sounds like a case for instant termination, a loud public firing, given that presumably, the police sure couldn't respect someone who could say or even think such a vile thing.  No one could respect such a person, actually.  But is he fired?  Not at all.  His boss is actually defending him:

CPD spokesman Don Terry was asked whether Supt. David Brown agrees with the way his top deputy handled situation at the medical examiner's office.

"No comment beyond reminding you of what an emotionally difficult and painful night that was — and continues to be — for everyone involved," Terry wrote in an email to the Sun-Times.

And Lightfoot herself, who ought to be axing this ogre for sheer callousness and unfitness of office?

The mayor's office declined to comment.

It's unbelievable.  When cops say they have a beef with leadership in Chicago, they aren't exaggerating.  What's stunning even to normal people out here is how deep the rot goes.  If this wretch doesn't get thrown out from his sinecure very soon, the cops need to cease protecting him, maybe going on strike, or else make the whole thing an election issue.  They're out there, and they've got to go.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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