'Case': Another semantic Trojan Horse

In our new world of pandemic panic porn, it is important to remember that the word "case" is not a term of art.  It is not a medical term or a legal term.  It is just another word with a broad meaning that has been commandeered by people who want to control you.

This seemingly innocuous word is being used as a blunt instrument to stampede you into doing what the globalist elites want you to do.  It is widely used when the media, Big Tech, and government experts (the "infomob") lie by omission.

When you hear that there are x "new cases" in any context, this should immediately prompt you to ask questions about the number:

  • Are these just positive COVID tests?
  • Are these hospitalized people?
  • Are these people who are not sick at all?
  • Are these re-testings of the same people who have to be tested daily to keep their jobs?
  • Are these people with other medical conditions?

The infomob wants you to envision these "cases" as hospitalized people on respirators, gasping for breath.  What if most of these are just positive tests?  If so, were these done with the PCR test?  The fact is, the PCR test is so highly parameterizable that you can set it to find whatever you want.  This is one of the reasons the CDC has quit using it.  

By simply saying "cases," breathless TV "newspeople" can fill in the blanks for you with angst-ridden, dramatic presentation.  Don't buy it.  It's all set up for you to drown in their implications.  The infomob makes sure you are not exposed to any contrary viewpoint without going way out of your way, and they present the party line with maximum drama.  It's all many people hear, and it's loud.  Sadly, it has also been very effective.

In addition to merely misrepresenting reality, the numbers may well not be true.  It's not enough for the globalist left to demonize the "unvaccinated."  Even with control of all the levers of power and all means of casual information access, the elites are still having to lie.  For example, the Texas Tribune recently claimed that 5,800 children were admitted to pediatric hospitals from COVID in just seven days.  The truth is that 783 children were hospitalized over the course of a month from COVID and other causes.  How many parents were finally convinced by the larger number to subject their child to a radical gene therapy with a far higher risk than the disease itself?  How must they have felt when they saw the retraction?

I saw a Texas congressman, arguing for school masking, saying child hospital cases had doubled in the last week in his district.  Was he relying on this article?  Was he talking about two "cases" rising to four?

It is really important to listen carefully to news reports.  The more emotional they are, the more carefully you have to listen.  When you hear the word "case," your BS-o-meter should swing to the red zone immediately.

It's easy for a clear thinker to just throw up his hands and say, "I don't believe anybody anymore."  Don't drop out!  You are playing right into lefty hands when you do that; leftists would love to have you removed from the playing field.  They don't want you looking around for the truth.  If you are reading this, you know how to look outside the box.  Right now, that ability might be your greatest strength.

The globalist left's desire to instill fear in one's fellow countrymen for political gain is an evil goal and ghastly in its scope.  A fig leaf of "concern for those in danger" doesn't begin to cover its malicious intent.  It's up to you not to allow yourself or the ones you care about fall victim to it.

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