Can the Biden presidency last much longer?

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Though removal from office once was unthinkable, Joe Biden has lost the support of most of the key actors whose support helped him win the presidency, and whose cooperation is essential to maintaining the illusion that he is capable of fulfilling the duties of president of the United States.

Because impeachment or the 25th Amendment removal from office would hinge on their support — Democrat officeholders now understand that they are at risk of losing their next election thanks to his sullying of the brand of the party that foisted an already senile placeholder on the public.  In a special election Tuesday, voters in Connecticut's 26th Senate District, who supported Biden by a 25-point margin, flipped a seat to the Republican candidate (hat tip: Christina Laila).

This is one of the wealthiest suburban constituencies in the country, encompassing Greenwich, Stamford, and New Canaan — people who read the New York Times and who care about foreign policy.

The earlier switch of affluent suburbanites away from Republicans over the past decade or more has been essential to Democrat victories in many blue states.  They believed media propaganda that Trump was an ignorant buffoon whose incompetence made America a laughingstock in the European countries they like to vacation in.  When they see headlines like this, even more such voters will be alarmed:


You don’t need to be an affluent suburbanite with friends in London's tonier neighborhoods to be ashamed when you read about British and French forces deploying in Kabul to rescue their citizens, as American forces are kept within the perimeter of Kabul and thousands of stranded Americans are told to make their own way through Taliban checkpoints and other blockages if they are lucky enough to make it to their airfield with their heads intact.  Those citizens were facing a State Department demand to pay up to $2,000 for a flight out of Kabul, even as Afghanis were flown out for free, until embarrassment caused that policy to be junked.  It is humiliating and downright shameful, and the non-crazy portion of the Democrat vote doesn't want to identify with it.

Twitter video screen grab.

Equally important, Biden has thrown the Intelligence Community under the bus, claiming he had no warning, that this fiasco was inevitable.  As Chuck Schumer warned Donald Trump, they have "six ways from Sunday" of getting back at you.  They, and the other bureaucracies we call the Deep State, now see Biden as a threat to their own status and, ultimately, power.  The Democrats' pet media like the New York Times, the Washington Post, and CNN all depend on the I.C. and Deep State for leaks that feed them news, and they, too, have hopped on board the anti-Biden bandwagon.  Even the most deranged Trump-haters:


There are multiple stories like this one from the Wall Street Journal:

Internal State Department Cable Warned of Kabul Collapse

July memo shows that administration officials were cautioned about Taliban's quick advance

...where the Deep Staters are revealing their own CYA memos placing responsibility for the disaster on Biden and his minions.

The inability of the Biden regime to fulfill our obligations to allies has raised alarms all over the world, not just in NATO, which was a participant in the Afghanistan occupation.  South Korea's ambassador to Afghanistan barely escaped before the Taliban takeover, and now the ruling party there wants greater control over the military forces there.  The American empire globalists see their handiwork collapsing.

Meanwhile, speculation and rumors abound that Biden has had a breakdown, because of his hiding from the public, and even from friendly foreign leaders such as Boris Johnson, who was unable to reach the president for 36 hours.  One published source claims that Kamala Harris is contacting Cabinet members, seeking support for a 25th Amendment majority (twelve Cabinet members plus herself) that would send to Congress a declaration that the sitting POTUS is unable to fulfill the duties of office.  If that happened, the V.P. would assume the duties of office of president, and within 21 days, a two-thirds supermajority vote from Congress would be necessary to make the removal from office permanent.

If faced with the prospect of such humiliation, would Biden resign?  That's hard to predict, given that Jill Biden reportedly loves the title and perks of first lady and hates Kamala Harris.  But if he and Jill contest the temporary removal and put the nation at risk of our enemies taking advantage of the leadership vacuum (that already exists, to be honest), that places every Democrat in Congress on a very hot seat, especially considering Connecticut voters' verdict last Tuesday.

The odds-makers still find Biden's removal from office highly unlikely.  I am not sure Biden will be removed, but depending on how big a long shot the bookies are offering, for those inclined to wager, there may be an opportunity at hand.

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