Biden's crimes. Where is Congress?

So when Pilate saw that he was gaining nothing, but rather that a riot was beginning, he took water and washed his hands before the crowd, saying, "I am innocent of this man's blood; see to it yourselves."

Matthew 27:24 describes Pontius Pilate as denying involvement in Jesus' crucifixion.  Joe Biden is our Pontius Pilate.  He causes mayhem, then leaves desolation in his wake, and takes responsibility for none of it.  Given the catastrophic and devastating consequences of the illegitimate Biden administration, one has to wonder, "Where is Congress?"

Given Biden's now obvious plan to utterly destroy America both here at home and on the international stage, shouldn't they, as a united body, stand together and demand this president be removed along with his inept and tone-deaf advisers — naïve Blinkenliar Sullivan, "white rage" Milley, Austin, and Afghanistan commander Gen. McKenzie?  They all telegraph weakness.

Many times in our nation's past, we've had incompetent elected officials but none who did the unspeakable, inhumane damage Biden has wrought.  He and his passive-aggressive posse's actions are now clearly criminal, potentially genocidal, and he seems not to care or even notice.

He and his coterie of arrogant bumblers seem unable to grasp the value of human life, America's standing in the world, or loyalty to our allies.  Biden has blown up the reputation of the U.S. and proven that he and his band of milquetoasts are wholly without decency, ethics, and any sense of morality.  This is a bad bunch of people who have taken Obama's intent to bring America down a peg and doubled down.  They are orchestrating our defeat, which, given what he has surrendered to the Taliban/al-Qaeda/ISIS, may lead to our destruction.

So why are the men and women of Congress not standing together demanding that these treasonous tools of China be removed from office immediately?  Whom do they represent if not the American people?  Biden is putting their families at risk along with the rest of us. 

Biden's clumsy and lethal withdrawal from Afghanistan proves, once and for all, his malevolence.  He opened the southern border to all comers on the first day of his administration.  He is hosting an invasion, welcoming migrants with COVID, syphilis, AIDS, TB, and probably many more diseases, some long ago eradicated in the U.S.  They are gang members, cartel employees, and sex traffickers and, of course, there are innocents among them.  Biden is preventing the deportation of all of them.

This can only be a calculated plan to infect Americans with COVID and other communicable diseases and the crime that will surely infect their communities.  And now he is vowing to bring tens of thousands of Afghani refugees to our cities and towns.  What could possibly go wrong?  Will any of them be vetted, those who cross the southern border or those who arrive from Afghanistan?  Not likely.  They will be coddled, fed, clothed, sheltered, and cared for on the U.S. taxpayer dime.  How many among them will wreak murder and mayhem upon their new host nation?  Who knows?  This administration, from the outset, favors criminal and foreign terrorists over Americans, choosing instead to label conservative citizens and supporters of President Trump as "domestic terrorists."

On day one, Biden prevented the completion of the wall and erased our energy independence, which is why gas prices in California are nearing five dollars a gallon, and he has been reduced to begging OPEC to pump more oil.  They said no.  How pathetic.

He continues to support defunding the police and has promoted teaching the racist and thus repellent Critical Race Theory.  He and his administration support the medical and surgical ravages of gender dysphoria procedures, sacrificing countless young people to this dangerous, life-altering form of mass psychosis.  And then there is the pandemic, a creation of the left's incitement of hysteria over a very treatable virus and the attempt to mandate experimental vaccines that have caused tens of thousands of deaths and injuries.

Big tech and the media all collude to dismiss the truth as "misinformation" just as they suppress information on available therapeutics.  What have the Republicans in Congress done to counter all the ruination of our civil society?  Nothing.  Not one thing.  Oh, they go on the news programs and complain, but they do zero, zip, nada.

One would at the very least expect all the Republicans to band together and file articles of impeachment.  One would expect, given the dire circumstances, that the Democrats in Congress would demand that Biden's Cabinet invoke the 25th Amendment, as he is clearly suffering from dementia.  But no.  They do nothing but party maskless while ordering the rest of us to wear face diapers in seeming perpetuity and attempt to permanently bankrupt the U.S. with trillions in spending us into socialism while legislating the federal government's control over all elections.  Biden, with Pelosi's help, has seen to it that the U.S. is no longer a superpower.  We are no longer a democratic republic, but heading toward failed state status.

Biden's orchestration of the disastrous fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban, a band of seventh-century barbarians who are going door to door to ferret out Afghans who may have helped the Americans and to capture girls as young as twelve as "wives" for their fighters, is the worst thing an American president has ever done in the history of this nation.  He turned over Bagram Air Force Base and billions of dollars in helicopters, tanks, and arms.  Billions.  Let that sink in.  He gave them the armaments to come after us.

This is far worse than the fall of Saigon, also a betrayal of in-country allies by the left.  Millions were killed after Vietnam was abandoned.  The killing fields were real.  That is what is ahead for the Afghans and Americans who have spent years there trying to help the Afghani people, especially their women and girls.  That will be Joe Biden's legacy, the permanent stain on his presidency and the ruling class that put him in the Oval Office.

But this administration should end now.  Who can predict how much more damage he will do if he and his "team" remain in power?  Congress, do your job!  Save the nation.  Find a way and do it.  Get it done.

Caricature by Donkey HoteyCC BY 2.0 license.

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