Biden voters must be feeling some buyer's remorse by now

Yesterday, thirteen military personnel were killed working at the gate at Kabul airport in Afghanistan.  They weren't killed in battle with an enemy at their front with a chance to defend themselves; rather, they were blown up by a gutless terrorist ideologue who blended himself among women and children in order to get the maximum effect out of his insanity.  To remind or inform some of those who don't pay much attention to pesky world events on social media, there won't be enough left of some of these troops to put into a Walmart bag and send home to their families.  As a retired senior enlisted service member, I'm ashamed to see all of this.

Now I understand that many Americans are too busy living their lives to pay attention to that war "Over There," but try to put something in perspective.  The leaders of our country just allowed the same guys whom we have been bombing for twenty years to take back the country and obtain billions in our (ours; we paid for it) equipment.  They also allowed thousands of prisoners from multiple terror groups to be released to join the party while pulling our troops out before we pulled out the civilians.  It's given that as Americans, we don't want endless years of war, but given the resolve of the enemy, you don't always have the option to just quit because you're tired of playing.  A memorable note from today's coverage of our troops getting killed in Afghanistan was one of the Taliban leaders, whom, by the way, our government is referring to as "our partners" in the region, stating that Osama bin Laden did not have anything to do with 9/11.

The president, rightly, has been savaged over the last week, even to the point that most of the mainstream media have forgone the usual efforts to provide media cover for a Democrat president.  There are others to blame, though.  The reality is that despite the questionable results of the 2020 election, which seem to get more questionable as the days go by, there were some people in this country who didn't walk but ran to the polls to vote for Joe Biden.  This question is to you: is this what you were hoping for?

I have family members who fall within this category.  These voters hated Donald Trump — not just hated him but despised him.  Government employees, who for the most part, are hired into a system that provides lavish benefits and has zero performance accountability, hated him because he bragged to the world about "draining the swamp."  Suburban women despised Donald Trump because he bullied people on Twitter, even though the people he was bullying were career politicians, who ceased being public servants a week after they took office for their own self re-election interests, and media who actually despise most Americans who don't look like and believe what they do — especially suburban women.

Then there are the media.  I still remember Donald Trump's inauguration, when a Time reporter who was too lazy to take a second look reported the false story over Twitter that the bust of MLK had been removed from the White House, instantaneously setting the narrative for all who hated Donald Trump already that he was a racist.  The media hatred for Trump was unprecedented.

There are others.  Young people hated the man who valued hard work and ran to the man that would give everyone free college.  Somehow these young people have confused the free stuff they got from their parents who worked their butts off to get it with a lifelong entitlement allowing them to work less and binge Netflix more on their phones (that the parents are still funding).  Many union members complied with the flyer hung on the bathroom wall at the union hall to vote Democrat, because that's what the union does.  They traded a guy who bullied the American manufacturers to bring back American jobs for a guy who is now flooding the country with new workers betting on the fact that they will vote Democrat because that's what the Union bosses, who are making a whole bunch more than the workers are making, with expense accounts, say to do.  You also have the social justice warriors, who somehow thought that voting for the same guy who referred to Blacks as not able to be diverse voters was going to change their lot in life in cities that have been destroyed by Democrat policies for years.

For all of you folks, my question is: was this worth it?  Thirteen military members were killed yesterday unnecessarily.  They were killed because a guy whom many of you elected on behalf of our country set them up to be killed, along with the rest of the unknown number of people still in Afghanistan begging to come home.  In context, these troops died because Americans were mad over bad comments about people who hate most of us on a social media site that means nothing.

As a country, we have gone from energy independence, a strong economy, secure borders, and a strong military with a pending plan to evacuate Afghanistan 180 degrees in a matter of a few months.  Through apathy and incompetence, our leaders have shamed our country and our military in front of the whole world and set us up to be attacked again.

I guess I'm just curious.  Was this worth it?

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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