Biden jokes with NBC correspondent about Americans stranded in Afghanistan

Joe Biden still isn't done congratulating himself on the great job he's claimed to have done on Afghanistan, and already he's cutting jokes about Americans left behind.

Here's the outrageous exchange, according to Matt Margolis of PJMedia:

But, when asked about the situation after a briefing on cybersecurity from NBC's Peter Alexander, Biden treated it like a joke.

"What will you do if Americans are still in Afghanistan after the 8/31 deadline?" Alexander asked.

That's when the White House cut off the audio feed.

But Biden's response was heard by those who were in the room, and by Alexander, who said that Biden jokingly replied, "You'll be the first person I call."

What kind of answer is that?  Where does this sarcastic jocularity come from?  And does it disgust anyone that the White House tried to cut that feed off, the better to keep that perfectly authentic exchange from the public?

It follows from Kamala Harris's giggling response three days ago in Singapore to a reporter's question about Americans stranded in Afghanistan, suggesting that it's a prevalent view from the top. 

Even from the point of view of saving their own political skin, it doesn't make sense.  It's as if Jimmy Carter's failed presidency, which went down in smoking ruins in the Iran hostage crisis, was now a laughing matter for this merry bunch.  One wonders when it's going to devolve into a full Vincent Price–style horse laugh amid the rubble and flames.  As Margolis notes:

There's nothing funny about Americans being left behind under Taliban rule. Nothing at all.

It's made all the worse now that news has gotten out about 20 schoolkids from El Cajon, California, traveling with parents on a summer field trip, are stranded, still unable to get through to the Kabul airport, with many in their county and community quite worried at this point.  Some unknowledgeable people have asked why the heck anyone would travel to Afghanistan at all, but that's a bad line of questioning.  Joe Biden had assured for months that there was no danger of a Taliban takeover, to start.  Two, based on local reports, they may have been Afghani immigrants, the area is loaded with Iraqi Chaldean Christian immigrants, many of whom vote Republican, and for Afghani immigrants, that would be a very friendly area with shops that sell their favorite foods (even the local Walmart does), others who speak at least some of their language, and a general community that knows what war is.  Blaming the victims, in this case, doesn't work, and the kids are in genuine danger now.

What kind of heartless president laughs that off, particularly with a chop-licking Taliban looking for someone to make an example of in their lifelong quest to humiliate America just a little more?

Biden, at best, seems to be profoundly out of touch with reality.  His "narrative" to the American public, after all, has been that the airport access is clear, with the Taliban doing all it can to ensure its open access, and "any American who wants to go home, we will get you home."  For the California kids and worried parents and community, those claims sound pretty hollow right about now.  Could it be that he didn't know that these kids, among thousands, actually, are among the stranded?  It seems plausible that someone would have briefed him on it, and he fell asleep or forgot about it as soon as he was told.

The worst that one can conclude is that Biden does know and couldn't care less.

That was evident enough in some of his early addresses, where, as I noted here, he was one cold, heartless bastard on the entire matter, blaming everyone but himself for the Afghanistan fiasco of his own making, starting with his insult to Afghani grunt soldiers all supposedly being cowards (someone should ask this sneering draft-dodger about the tens of thousands of Afghani soldiers and police who have died fighting the Taliban over the past two decades).  After that, he told terrified Afghanis who've just lost their country that he'd be sure to speak up for them at the United Nations, so never mind about the tangible protections they'd just lost with his setup for the Taliban takeover.  Worst of all, he pretty well told America's veterans that they'd wasted their time and lives fighting for Afghanistan as they had in this war, but to cheer up: he was there as their hero now, ensuring that nobody would ever fight a war like that again, which was supposed to be their "reward" for all that blood, sweat, and tears over the past 20 years.  It was repulsive, leaving America's Afghan war vets feeling a kinship with America's Vietnam veterans, spat on by hippies at America's airports.

Could Biden's making light of the grave situation be a function of his not caring, or a calculation that by joking about it, the public will laugh the whole thing off with him?  If so, he's going to be in for a surprise.

Either way, this is one unfit commander in chief.  Anyone with that little concern for trapped American schoolkids in an atrocious hellhole, left behind by his own incompetence, doesn't deserve to be president.  He ought to be thrown out, but he'd be replaced by a laughing hyena not all that different from him.  Voters will just have to put a hostile Congress in front of him in 2022 or deal with more of these grotesque insults from a greedy, corrupt, bad-judgment monster who really doesn't feel anything human at all.

Image: Screen shot from CBS 8 News San Diego video via shareable YouTube.

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