Biden is about to follow Ford and Carter in the US Hall of Shame

After extracting US forces from Afghanistan, leaving behind a treasure trove of military hardware as an expensive parting gift for the Taliban to pick up as they blow down the US House of Cards policy known as “nation building” in Afghanistan, the weak American President just rushed 5,000 troops back to Kabul to extract personnel and possessions from the US Embassy before the Afghan capital falls to the Taliban, which is likely to happen in a number of days.

When will America ever learn that, in the primitive world of the Middle East and parts of Asia, you can’t make democracy-loving peacemakers out of corrupt thugs and ideology-driven killers?

Ford was embarrassed out of office by the shameful newsreel of embassy personnel clambering into a helicopter, rotors whirling, perched perilously on the rooftop of the Saigon US Embassy, while US troops were preventing desperate Vietnamese from fleeing their Communist conquerors.

Carter left the White House, shamed out of office by the vision of US embassy staff being marched blindfolded out the Kabul Tehran embassy, hands in the air in supine surrender, by the goons of the Islamic regime led by a small-time bully called Ahmadinejad who was to become idolized by leftwing American students when he was allowed into America to attend a US conference as the triumphant Iranian president. In an indoctrination center of non-American education, he received the adulation of brainwashed students.

Now it’s Biden’s turn.

He has failed in everything he has touched in the brief seven months in office, including the biggest super-spreader event in America since the massed rioting of unmasked “peaceful protesters” in 2020, namely the invasion of over a million unverified, undocumented, illegal migrants, with thousands of untreated Covid positive people infecting their way throughout America, the closing of the Keystone pipeline and the subsequent shortage of gas and skyrocketing prices at the pumps leading Biden to plead with OPEC to pump up supplies to help him head off a crisis caused by him at home, the rage of parents against the racist hatred being taught to their kids in public schools, and appalling crime levels never seen before including homicides raging through cities and states as a direct result of Democrat mayors and governors following the Biden Democrat doctrine of “defunding the police.”

Or was it Biden following the radical Democrats' demands?

How shameful was it to hear the President of the United States beg the Taliban to spare the US Embassy until he had time to send in the removers to evacuate personnel and intelligence treasure before it is seized by a bunch of uneducated sheepherders who are on their way to a victory over the most powerful nation on earth.

This, just hours after he said at a press briefing, “The Taliban is not remotely like the Vietnamese army. They are not comparable.”

What Biden didn’t say was the Afghan army armed, equipped, trained, and financed with billions of dollars for twenty years is unable to control the primitive hill-dwellers who have just swept unchallenged through more than eleven provincial capitals and are now driving American military Humvees armed with American machine guns and captured US armed drones in the direction of the US Embassy in Kabul.

The Afghan army was trained and supervised by General Mark Milley, the US Commander that insisted before Congress a month ago that he is fine with military officers and soldiers being indoctrinated with the divisive racist critical race theory which will leave brothers in arms looking suspiciously at each other, questioning the moral strength of their racist country as they go into battle against lethal enemies.

This is what Milley said of the Afghan security forces a few weeks ago.

The Afghan security forces have the capacity to sufficiently fight and defend their country. I want to emphasize, repeatedly, a negative outcome, a Taliban military take-over in not a foregone conclusion.

I guess this guy should know. He was the last commander in this theater of US operations.

That was a cynical remark. He was crushingly wrong. What I truly mean to say to my American readers is, if this is the example of your top military commander, you are in seriously deep excrement.

Milley never saw this coming. He was too busy indoctrinating his officer corps in BLM ideology while failing to see the corrupt misuse of the $130B that the United States gave the Afghan regime to pay ghost soldiers. These are the non-existing soldiers whose money was pocketed by lying Afghan warlords who fiddled the uninspected books.

Bruce Riedel, a former CIA officer who reviewed Afghanistan policy for Barack Obama, said of the current situation that it “is bleak, worse than most expected this quickly.”

The US Embassy in Kabul reported that the Taliban was executing captured Afghan troops in large numbers as they raced to conquer the country. They have no time to stop and organize petty things like trials, lawyers, prisons, and prison guards.

This is the Taliban, now stronger than ever. And they are about to be joined by Al-Qaida, ISIS, and Hezbollah.

By walking away, Biden has opened the door to the next 9/11.

Correction from Andrea Widburg: This article misidentified Iran's capital city. Mr. Shaw and I both know better, of course, but we were thinking about Afghanistan, so.... I've corrected the error.

Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Image: Taliban control over Afghanistan. YouTube screen grab.

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