AOC, in middle of a packed crowd, dons a mask when the cameras start rolling

It's mask theatre time again, as the latest attempt to panic the public into accepting limits on our freedom and an experimental gene therapy gathers steam.  In countless locations, Americans are being hectored to wear face masks, and don't you dare point out that most of them are useless in preventing the transmission of microscopic droplets of the COVID virus.  How is Nancy Pelosi supposed to be able to color-coordinate her outfits with an N94 mask, after all?

But Democrats and nearly all the media go along with the charade, even when it is blatantly obvious none of them believes that the masks are effective.

Consider the case of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Yesterday, she was there in front of the U.S. Capitol, demonstrating with a densely packed crowd to demand an extension of the eviction moratorium on tenants who don't pay their rent.  Until she knew she was going to be photographed, she was perfectly okay with being unmasked in the midst of the crowd.  But when she thought the cameras were about to roll, she hastily put on a mask.

 A video of the entire scene is embedded below, but this sequence of three screen grab pictures captures the utter artificiality of her dedication to masking.

Gee, it's fun demanding free stuff!

Oh, we're going to be photographed?

Well, let's fool the dummies into thinking masks work.

Delta variant is going to kill us all unless we mask up and submit to an experimental drug!

She really does think her supporters are that stupid.  And she's right.

Here is the entire video:

Hat tip: Breitbart.

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