A Virginia elementary school tells kids the police are dangerous

It’s great that parents are pushing back against the relentless leftist indoctrination in public schools but they might be wiser to pull their kids out entirely, starving schools of the students they need to justify funding. That seems like the most sensible move for parents with children at a Virginia elementary school. They discovered that “Safe,” a “video book” that the school recommended for seven-year-olds over the summer, comes from Woke Kindergarten, a site run by a woman who claims to be “transgender,” teaches kids that the police are dangerous, and believes the 5-7-year-old set needs to learn about transgenderism and pronouns.

The Fairfax Community Public School (“FCPS”) district posted a link to a video called “Safe” on its website as a summer resource for second graders:

The video had been included in a summer learning guide at Bailey’s Elementary School for the Arts and Sciences in Falls Church along with content related to critical race theory, Black Lives Matter and news articles critical of White parents, according to a report in the Fairfax Times.

The “Woke Kindergarten” Instagram link was also shared in a list of “equity resources for teachers” on the school’s website.

What outraged parents was the screenshot saying, “I feel safe when there are no police.” Considering that the “defund the police” movement has led to cities turning into shooting galleries and increased by thousands the number of dead and wounded in these cities, it’s a stupid message. To the extent that those who are dying are mostly minorities, it’s also a racist message:

What made the whole thing worse was that, if the children were watching the video on the FCPS site, once it ended, the FCPS site’s autoplay feature meant that more videos from Woke Kindergarten began to play. Those videos include the “We Keep Us Safe,” an anti-police video; “They, She, He Easy as ABC” and “My Pronoun Book,” pushing transgenderism; and “Black Lives Matter,” and “Rainbow Baby,” both of which promote BLM.

“Woke Kindergarten” is the brainchild of a woman named “Ki” who claims that she is a plural (“they/them”). She describes herself as “an abolitionist early educator, coach, consultant and creative entrepreneur currently innovating ways to unlearn, heal, liberate and create with their pedagogy, Woke Kindergarten.” She is, in fact, a clever, leftist propagandist with a sweet face and soft, girlish voice.

Parents, needless to say, were not happy:

Asra Nomani, a vice president at Parents Defending Education whose son recently graduated from the district, said the summer guidance may have also been available to students at other FCPS schools.

The group preserved a copy of the summer learning guide before it was taken down by the district.

“The message that they’re trying to send to the second graders is exactly the mixed messages that adults are having to deal with, which is we feel unsafe out in the streets now because of the entire ‘defund the police’ movement that has led to less police presence,” she told Fox News Thursday. “But now the police are being blamed for it. So it’s this contradiction that is basically very manipulative -- and it’s so inappropriate for second graders to have to grapple with this.”

According to the school, posting the video was just a mistake. I hate to be cynical but I think that’s a lie. The people behind this know what they’re posting for young children. After all, according to the Fox article linked above,

[T]he same school also included a link back to the radical Abolitionist Teaching Network, which the Biden administration distanced itself from after including the same link in guidance to the country’s schools for safe coronavirus reopenings in “error.”

That selection of links, also now removed, was titled Local & National Organizations and included FCPS Pride, Second Story, NAKASEC, Showing Up for Racial Justice, Abolitionist Teaching Network, Black Lives Matter, Mijente and 18 Million Rising.

So, there are no accidents. What these radicals hope is that they won’t be caught. When their entirely illegal and immoral indoctrination efforts are found out, they’re not sorry that they are indoctrinating children with Marxist madness; they’re just sorry they were caught.

Moreover, as long as these people have America’s children under their control and taxpayer money flowing into their coffers, they’re not going to stop. It’s up to parents to remove their children from pedagogues that are as dangerous as, if not more dangerous than, the COVID parents fear so much.

I’ll close with this Twitter thread, which gives you details about the hard indoctrination directed at very young children in the Fairfax County Public Schools:

IMAGE: A mural included in Woke Kindergarten’s “We Keep Us Safe.” YouTube screen grab.  

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