A massive dose of common sense about January 6

I am a huge fan of Dov Fischer. He’s smart, funny, and very insightful. I shouldn’t be surprised then that Fischer has written what I think is the best article putting the events of January 6 in their proper perspective. The premise is a simple one: “I remain adamant that January 6 was not an insurrection. To say otherwise is a despicable lie.”

This is an important point. By calling events on January 6 an insurrection, the Biden administration is getting away with grossly abusing the rule of law and the Constitution to punish the people who were present at the Capitol on January 6.

Worse, this is happening even as the federal government has consistently given a pass to leftists (whether BLM or Antifa) who, for more than a year, have destroyed public property; looted and terrorized whole communities; set fire to buildings; attempted to kill or maim city, state, and federal law enforcement officers; injured ordinary people, and committed murder. And shame on every Republican in Congress who is silent about this two-tiered justice system and the creation of political prisoners in America.

But it’s not just that the label “insurrection” is allowing the Biden administration to justify fearsome punishments for those who were there on January 6. While I cry shame on the Republicans in Congress, the fact is that they’re cowed by that word “insurrection.” Ordinarily lacking in courage to begin with, these Congress critters have turned into lily-livered, quaking milquetoasts, afraid to stand for their principles on the floor of Congress.

It’s even worse on the streets. Lacking the protections accorded Congresspeople, ordinary Americans are grumbling about the increasingly authoritarian dictates coming down from the Biden administration but they’re still strangely passive. They’ve seen what happens to “insurrectionists” in Biden’s America. Filing for bankruptcy and going on welfare is bad. Being systematically abused in a prison for the crime of “parading” or “trespassing,” followed by criminal sentences that destroy one's livelihood and family, seems infinitely worse.

So that’s why I think Fischer’s moral and factual clarity is so very important. It’s tempting to quote every line he wrote, but I’ll give you a fair use taste and urge you to read the whole thing:

Insurrection was not on the mind of anyone serious at the Capitol on January 6. It was a very large demonstration aimed at protesting the way an election was conducted. No matter what anyone thinks of the November 2020 election, there was something wrong with states changing their election laws months, even weeks before balloting. In addition, social media monopolies suppressed the news of the Hunter Biden laptop, which would have been a game changer.

In the face of all that stuff, many thousands came to Washington, D.C. to protest. They did not come to seize the reins of power. There were no U.S. military generals or captains or colonels or lieutenants leading or strategizing a coup. There was no shooting of rifles or taking of hostages. Rather, people came dressed like it was a carnival, such as the men dressed in bear or wolverine outfits.

Anyone who ever has read or learned anything about military coups or Bolshevik-style revolutions knows that January 6 was a demonstration that got out of hand, as did scores of racist, anti-Semitic “Death to the Police” Black Lives Matter demonstrations all summer.

What we’re seeing here, says Fischer, is Nancy Pelosi’s gross abuse of power:

Pelosi has fixated on a political strategy of doing an annual Passion Play about “rescuing democracy” from “fascism” (i.e., from those who do not vote Democrat). One year it was a Trump impeachment. The next year another Trump impeachment. This year: no Trump, so a January 6 Insurrection Investigation.

Fischer is right when he says Pelosi’s chosen narrative “does grave damage to the country.” It allows for the abuse of the rule of law and it casts a pall of fear over ordinary Americans, leaving them emotionally incapable of exercising their God-given rights – the same rights that the Bill of Rights obligates Congress to preserve, not destroy.

IMAGE: This is not an insurrection. YouTube screen grab.

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