A third Trump impeachment?

Oh, how badly the Democrats still want to eviscerate Donald Trump. Joe Biden’s politically infested Department of Justice has ruled that the IRS must deliver the former President’s tax returns to Congress. The Merrick Garland DOJ claimed that they had been in error in 2019 when they initially ruled against releasing those returns, basing their decision at the time on the flawed assumption that Congress merely wanted to obtain them in order to release them to the public.

According to Acting Assistant Attorney General Dawn Johnsen of the agency’s Office of Legal Counsel, “We cannot know where receipt of the requested tax information will take the committee, any more than the committee itself can predict what it will find or determine.” Johnsen went on to note that “the respect due a co-equal branch of government requires that we presume the Committee will handle the tax information it receives with sensitivity to taxpayer privacy concerns.”

Say, what? We should presume that Congress, with its Democrat majority in the House, will be sensitive to Mr. Trump’s privacy concerns? Please!!! If anyone believes the whole collection of Russian collusion/obstruction of justice nonsense, plus two sham impeachments, not to mention the ongoing witch trial of the J6 hearings, hasn’t shown just how sensitive Congress would be to Mr. Trump's concerns of any sort, well that person or persons has consumed far too much of Nancy Pelosi’s Kool-Aid.

I believe Congress will waste no time releasing their slanted view of Trump’s returns to the public. They will rapidly dissect the forms, looking for any gray areas (which accountants encourage their clients to take advantage of, with the caveat that the IRS might disagree and therefore disallow a deduction) and, as the Rolling Stones suggested, “Paint it Black.” 

Will they find any actual illegalities? Highly doubtful, though when has that mattered when it comes to going after Donald Trump? The returns will likely reveal the efforts of skilled accountants to minimize the real estate baron’s tax obligations and nothing more. That is if you’re willing to accept an objective analysis. And we know just how objective the Trump-hating Democrats and RINOs are. Seeing how the Democrats have shown that lack of possession of the office is no impediment to attempting to remove a President from office,  I see a third impeachment on the horizon. God help us all.

Graphic credit: Pix4free.org CC BY-SA 3.0 license

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