Zombie chimps from heck

Can a civilization continue to function when the most basic truths cannot be spoken, yet blatant falsehoods are dogma?  When radical upheavals are justified not by wisdom, but by disorienting barrages of phony "outrages" and "crises"?

Think of a great ship.

A nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is an integrated system of immense complexity, requiring thousands of specially trained men to operate and maintain.  What if someone suddenly replaced a carrier's human crew with 3,000 excitable chimpanzees?  The giant vessel would soon drift to a halt, catch fire, and sink — while the chimps threw feces at each other.

Now imagine a nation designed by brilliant men for a moral and conscientious citizenry.  How long could that society endure once the chimps took over?

This nation's president calls a proposed voter identification requirement "Jim Crow on steroids," an existential threat to democracy.  But even an idiot understands that in a world where store clerks check the IDs of 50-year-olds buying beer, it's ludicrous not to request an ID from some homeless guy being paid to vote.  If an idiot understands this, what kind of society is led by a man who pretends the opposite is true?

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff testifies that "white supremacism" is the biggest current threat to national security.  But the death toll from white supremacist terror acts in the last 50 years is a number approaching zero, whereas Islamic terror victims in America number somewhere around 4,000, including dozens of military victims.

And all of the burning, looting, street violence, and political attacks of recent years have been from Antifa- and Black Lives Matters–aligned agitators.  Furthermore, Blacks are approximately 27 times more likely to commit interracial violence than whites are, so blaming "white supremacy" for anything is insanely irrational.  Yet the military chiefs are openly zeroing their weapons in on the heartland.

The January 6 unpleasantness at the U.S. Capitol has been called "another 9/11," a "violent insurrection," and worse.  But only one person died violently that day, and she was an unarmed white protester shot by a reportedly Black Capitol Police officer.  Police literally opened the Capitol doors to let the marchers come inside.  There was some major shoving by the mob and limited but oft-replayed breaking of windows (including some by people dressed like Antifa), but no serious violence and, considering the circumstances, rather a cordial relationship with police. 

All kinds of videos show well-behaved crowds inside the Capitol, in hilarious contrast to Antifa Marxists. 

The famous Buffalo Shaman guy literally strolled quietly into the Senate Chamber accompanied by a policeman.  Then he led a small group in a prayer.  That mellow dude remains locked up in isolation, for no other reason than to maintain the fiction of the "attempted overthrow."  It's much like the New York Times' fabrication that Officer Brian Sicknick was beaten with a fire extinguisher, when in fact he died, uninjured, of a stroke the following day. 

A year ago, leftists blamed COVID deaths on the sitting president; the accelerated vaccine he promoted would surely be both late and dangerous.  Now, these same doubters have morphed into vaccine Nazis, demanding passports and punishments for the unvaccinated.  These fear-mongers claim that a new "Delta variant" is especially scary for the young and unvaccinated. 

Yet statistics from the U.K. clearly show that the Delta death rate is crazy-low (0.1%) and that recent COVID case numbers have jumped precisely after millions had been fully vaccinated.  Furthermore, fully vaccinated people in England are currently over five times more likely to die from the Delta variant than are the unvaccinated.  Maybe those death statistics are tilted by age bias in the vaccinated U.K. population, but once again, it reveals this: the basic premise behind the Permanent Pandemic is 180 degrees wrong.

Meanwhile, the Earth's temperature is determined by a star 93 million miles away radiating at 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is affected by the massive forces of ocean currents and atmospheric patterns.  The Great Lakes were left behind when the massive ice covering of the northern hemisphere suddenly melted 15,000 years ago.  Europeans lived and raised animals on Greenland until it got too cold around the 1700s.  Climates change, near- and long-term.

Man's generation of carbon dioxide, an inert molecule constituting less than one-twentieth of one percent of the atmosphere, is obviously not the critical determinant of the "global" climate.  A quick data check reveals that CO2 levels rise and fall with cyclical regularity over millions of years and that the current rise began 15,000 years ago. 

Man, who contributes perhaps a tenth to natural CO2 levels, is but a wart on the giant frog of climate change.  Still, the bosses would have us re-order the economic world and tear down — like superstitious primitives — a robust, multi-layered energy network in favor of costly and fragile "green" projects that cannot yet pass market muster on their own merits. 

Everywhere, we see frauds posing as leaders, while brainwashing replaces knowledge and manufactured crises are weaponized to crush and control regular humans. 

So how long can Zombie America continue to coast on the inertia of systems created by men far superior to our modern ruling class?

Probably about as long as a ship in the all-chimp navy.

Martin Fuentes is the pen name of an American in Europe.

Photo credit: foshieCC BY 2.0 license.

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