You've got to be kidding: WaPo lavishes credit on Biden for recovering economy

This post would be more appropriate in the Babylon Bee as satire, as journalists and the Biden administration collude to rewrite history to give Biden the credit for the economic recovery that was well underway because of Trump and red states before Biden took office.

Even though the vaccines were developed so fast because of Trump and one million shots were being given each day prior to Biden taking office, the Democrat talking points regurgitated by most of the media say there was not a distribution plan prior to Biden taking office.

It is pretty darned amazing that one million doses were already being given and tens of millions more were in the pipeline when supposedly the Trump administration had no plan.

It is similar to giving Obama/Biden credit for coming out of the 2008 recession when TARP, low interest rates, and lower oil prices were in place before they took office, and the economy came out of the recession in June 2009, before any Obama/Biden policies could have had much of an effect.

One of the stupidest things Biden continues to say is that his policies have reversed the worst economy in a hundred years when the economy started recovering rapidly in the third quarter of 2020, and economists were saying the economy would roar in 2021 without Biden doing a darned thing.  It is a shame he is screwing everything up by destroying the fossil fuel industry, gouging the poor and the middle class with high prices, and refusing to abide by his oath to enforce immigration laws.

It is a shame that there are few people in the media who care about facts as they rewrite history and campaign for Democrats.

Image: Ninian Reid via Flickr, CC BY 2.0 (cropped).

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