Where are the elected conservatives?

Fifty years ago, George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984 was required reading.  Not sure about today.

The brutality and efficiency of Big Brother were terrifying.  Big Brother was everywhere because its surveillance devices and regime people were everywhere.  The citizens were forced to comply with every edict and forced to accept every lie, or else.  The lies changed daily — one day, Eurasia is friendly and all history books are written to show it has always been friendly; the very next day, Eurasia is now the enemy, and all history books are rewritten to show that it has always been the enemy.  The Ministry of Truth makes it all happen.  And every citizen accepts and goes along with the lies as though that lie has always been the truth.

Welcome to the United States of year 2021 — where the truth, as told to us by Democrats and the media, changes daily, and we must accept the new "truth," or else...you're canceled and silenced.

One of those "you must accept our truths" is the popularity of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Democrats scream, "He's the most popular president ever — he got 80 million votes."  We're told we must accept that truth despite the fact that Biden finished fifth place in New Hampshire's primary, and then, once he became the Democrats' nominee, he couldn't attract 50 people to fill little circles drawn on the ground.  And Kamala was even less popular.  She had so little support that she dropped out of the race before any votes were ever cast.  Then, after receiving those 80 million votes, the popular duo was so loved that 25,000 Guardsmen, vetted to ensure their loyalty to Biden's regime, protected their "popularity."  Biden's Ministry of Truth (the media and social media — Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) ensures that we accept his truth and only his truth.  If not, you're silenced and canceled.  

"I know my rights.  The First Amendment protects my free speech.  I refuse to accept what Biden tells me."

Hahaha — how quaint, how last century.  This is 2021, and Biden will tell you which of his "truths" to accept, or more accurately, you will accept the truths as told to us by his handlers.  That's because Biden doesn't have the mental acuity to articulate the truth, especially a truth that changes so frequently.

What am I talking about?

Similar to Big Brother's changing truth about Eurasia, the Biden truth changes daily.  Just last October, during the V.P. debates, Kamala said, "if Donald Trump tells us that we should take it [referring to the COVID vaccine], I'm not taking it."

Before the 2020 election, the Democrats' Ministry of Truth (the controlled media) told us the vaccines developed by Trump's Operation Warp Speed were dangerous.  Now, if you question the dangers of the vaccines, you will be silenced.

Last week, Jen Psaki, Biden's press secretary, admitted that the Dems are working with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to "flag problematic" posts about COVID vaccines, calling them "disinformation."  Disinformation is any post with which the White House doesn't agree.  So, nine months ago, candidate Harris said the vaccine was dangerous.  If you make that same statement today, you will be silenced. 

Of course, what Psaki said is dangerous; of course, it's illegal; and of course, it's unconstitutional.  The First Amendment should protect your right to say what you want and not be silenced by your government or by agents acting on its behalf.

Whom are you going to tell?  Whom do you complain to?  Biden, Kamala, Obama, or Merrick Garland (the attorney general)?  Hahaha — they are the ones silencing you.

You going to complain to the media?

Seriously, you think the media care?  For years, the media worked to destroy President Trump because he was supported by people like you, people who actually believe in the Constitution.

You going to complain to Georgia's senators, Warnock or Ossoff?

They too agree with silencing you. Even if they thought you should have the right to free speech, they will never support you because they know that radicals in their own party (radicals like Antifa and Black Lives Matter) will target them just like those radicals targeted and burned dozens of cities last summer.  Warnock and Ossoff will never stand up for you because they don't want their homes destroyed.

Who's left to support your First Amendment rights?

How about Georgia Republicans?

Where are the conservatives?  People like Governor Kemp, Congressman Austin Scott (R-8th District), state senator John Kennedy (R-18th District), Representatives Susan Holmes (District 129), Robert Dickey (District 140), and Dale Washburn (District 141) — our middle Georgia representatives?  Good question — where are they?  What the heck are they doing in Atlanta if they're not going to preserve or conserve our freedoms?  When will our elected representatives finally take action?  When will they speak out in support of the Constitution?  Will they take action when the local newspaper is silenced for disagreeing with Biden?  Or are they too scared to stand and support the Constitution? 

The question of "what's next" is troubling.

If questioning or doubting the effectiveness of a vaccine, still not approved by the FDA, is considered "disinformation" and gets you silenced, what's the next piece of disinformation that gets you silenced?

Stacey Abrams thinks the 2018 election was stolen from her.  Are we allowed to question her ridiculous charges, or must we accept her version of "the truth"?

Last November, President Trump was silenced from Twitter and Facebook when he questioned election fraud.  We were told that Trump was engaging in "misinformation" and "inciting violence" when he highlighted election irregularities in numerous states — including Georgia.  (Recall — despite hundreds of sworn affidavits, all claims of 2020 election fraud were totally ignored; CNN called it the Big Lie, yet one anonymous "whistleblower" complaint was the basis to impeach Trump in 2020.)

Eight months later, in Arizona, in Georgia, and other states, election fraud is no longer disinformation; it's either proven or being investigated.

If you disagree with man-made climate change, is that disinformation that gets you canceled?  Any accusation against Biden's truths is called "disinformation" and becomes the basis to cancel people.  Big Brother is here.

Elected conservatives, where are you?

Image: FreeSVG, public domain.

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