When it comes to Critical Race Theory, we can fight fire with fire

"Critical Race Theory" is a made-up discipline that throws away most American's understanding of race relations in this country, from slavery to abolition to the Civil War to Jim Crow and, finally, to the luminous vision of Dr. Martin Luther King, something that my generation has believed in for over 60 years.  Instead of trying to beat back this fantasy, Sean Davis suggests that conservatives start having their own "Critical" theories challenging things that leftists hold dear.

Although some of his ideas are just delightfully funny, and fall into the same crazy zone as Critical Race Theory, as to others, conservatives would have the advantage, since their arguments would be supported by actual facts.  (Hat tip: Twitchy.)  Because it's exhausting posting long Twitter threads, I've translated the thread, verbatim, into ordinary prose:

The same people who claim they oppose Critical Race Theory bans in schools because "muh academic freedom to teach controversial ideas and history" would be the first to build bonfires for witch-burning if they learned teachers were telling students Trump actually won in 2020.

If someone who clearly supports CRT but won't admit it says it shouldn't be banned because "we can't ban ideas or controversial topics," introduce him to Critical Election Theory for K-12, which argues 2020 was rigged and Trump won, and see how he reacts.

It's not Birtherism. It's Critical Origin Theory, and it merely posits a framework by which students can better understand the political power dialectic of the early 21st century.

It's not Moon Trutherism. It's Critical Space Theory, an alternative lens through which children can explore the vast beyond while considering the limits and potential of the patriarchy's obsession with interstellar colonization.

It's not Flat Eartherism. It's Critical Geography Theory, and it helps students to explore their world — and themselves — by tackling difficult concepts about space, time and the idea that true reality is a construct unconstrained by traditional man-made STEM frameworks.

It's not Intelligent Design. It's Critical Evolution Theory, and it tackles the possibility that we all exist within a simulation of sorts that was created and is overseen by an omniscient, omnipowerful, omnipresent creator who set forth His own rules for a proper life.

It's not anti-China xenophobia. It's Critical Pandemic Theory, and it teaches students from the age of 2 to 22, that the arrogant, incompetent communist regime that imprisons and enslaves its people created COVID-19 in a garbage lab, and then lied to the world when it leaked.

It's not an anti-Biden conspiracy theory. It's Critical Senility Theory, and it analyzes decades of data on aging to provide children a way to think about how the 46th president is a walking pudding pop who has no idea what's happening and is controlled by monsters with no souls.

Critical Race Theory needs to be beaten back at every opportunity, in every way possible: facts, humor, interpretative dance, if absolutely necessary.  The one thing we cannot do is to let this utterly pernicious idea take root in America.

The fact that public school teachers desperately want to introduce CRT into classrooms means that parents are the front line in this battle.  Those of us who no longer have, or never had, children in the school system will give you moral support, but you guys and gals must take the battle to the school board meetings, the school administrators, and the teachers.  Being armed with humor may be just what you need for the fight.

Image: Joe Biden by DonkeyHotey. with added text by Andrea Widburg.  CC BY 2.0.

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