What if the Biden administration actually encouraged people to find work?

President Biden and the Democrats appear so locked into their liberal narrative of the world, they refuse to even consider facts that are in infinite supply and easy to find.  For a group so dedicated to insisting we follow the data, it all is a little bewildering.  One thing is for sure, our great nation is suffering because of their liberal policies and approach.

From coast to coast, our cities are enduring spikes in violent crime, including homicide.  In April, CNN reported 63 of the nation's largest 66 cities saw an increase in at least one category of violent crime.  But, in the liberal way, rather than urging the public to cease and desist the demonizing of the men and women who put their lives on the line every day to protect us, President Biden announces a push for tougher gun laws.

What did anyone expect to happen?  Democrats and mainstream media combined to push the false narrative that our police regularly abuse the public in general, and minorities in particular?  How bad is it?  According to a recent poll, liberals believe almost 400 times more non-white people are shot by the police than is the actual case. Crime surging in an environment where our police are regularly demonized is about as predictable as our borders being flooded after President Biden set out the welcome mat early in his Administration.

Much like the original Infrastructure legislation, where less than 10 percent went to building roads, highways, and bridges, the new gun proposal has plenty of money for items that one might find somewhat unrelated to regulating guns.  It includes a Democratic favorite, more money for make-work public programs.  This time, younger people will benefit most from the programs.

At this point in time, why would any reasonable person think we need to create new public spending programs for jobs?  Surely, by now, even quiche and brie Democrats have become aware of the reality that we have a labor shortage in this country.  Small businesses cannot find workers for the jobs that are open.  The response from President Biden is fairly predictable.  Pay them more, he says with a straight face.

The additional $300 a week in unemployment benefits amounts to $15,600 more in benefits.  In many instances, this amounts to a total of $40,000 a year simply to stay at home.  Democrats may believe that any person working at any job is deserving of $15 an hour, but the real job market does not operate like that.  As to paying employees more, it would be nice if President Biden had the experience of former Speaker John Boehner, whose family owned and operated a local restaurant-bar.  Then, President Biden would well know how tight the margins are.  There is a reason that more than 50 percent of restaurants that open in the U.S. close within a year.  It is a tough business.

Rather than continuing to discourage individuals from seeking work due to the extra $300 per week in unemployment benefits, or asking many employers to do what they cannot do, the Administration and other Democrats would be doing the country a favor by encouraging people to seek work.

Democrats also should be encouraging younger Americans to consider seeking jobs that may not require a college education by promoting increased access to training.  Electricians, plumbers, welders, and tech specialists are all essential workers in today's economy.

Liberals are too satisfied with people staying at home, not working.  My grandfather used to claim idle hands are the devil's playground.  Work brings dignity.  Hands engaged in honest labor are far less likely to become ones that turn to using guns in acts of violence.  We ought to be able to agree policies that promote hard work are better than ones that too often end up in hard time.

We need to replace the fictional world Democrats want to use as the starting point for any conversation with the real world that exists.  As the saying goes, who are you going to believe?  Me, or your lying eyes.

Image: Marc Nozell via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

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