What if anti-vaxxers decide to 'identify' as being inoculated?

The recent Bruce Springsteen concert celebrates the return to post-COVID normalcy...for some.  Everyone attending this event was required to show proof of vaccination, which raises some uncomfortable "what if" questions.

What if:

  • Forged vaccination documents were used to gain entrance?
  • A handful of people standing in line had a fever and were coughing violently, but carried written proof they'd received the COVID vaccine?
  • A dedicated Springsteen fan had religious, allergy, and medical reasons for not getting the inoculation?
  • An attendee "identified" as a male, but the vaccination "certificate" indicated that she is a female?
  • A handful of enthusiastic "Bruce Tramps" arrived at the concert wearing hermetically sealed, level-4 hazmat suits, with notarized letters from Dr. Fauci (and pinky-promises) that they're absolutely, positively non-contagious?
  • Someone had a vaccination receipt for a Caucasian female but "identified" as an African-American, heterosexual male, in a wheelchair, with PTSD?
  • A person had proof of vaccination but was wearing a hooded white sheet, a MAGA hat, a BLM t-shirt, and a Biden/Harris campaign button?
  • An attendee had no written medical paperwork but "identified" as having received all of the available vaccines several times?

As we've yet to learn from history, there are countless hypothetical combinations of excuses, rationalizations, and reasons people "identify" as something (or someone) they are not.  In years past, the word "identify" usually meant "pretend."  As an eight-year-old, I frequently "identified" as Superman, "flying" around the neighborhood with a magic beach towel cape.

Some of these "pretend" thoughts can be as innocent (or inspiring) as the young soccer player who "identifies" as a World Cup champion or a clumsy dance class student who identifies as a prima ballerina.  Pretending (AKA lying) can also be as nefarious as a politician who conveniently "re-identified" herself as a Native American to get into college and law school and land prestigious jobs teaching political science; law; and, of course, ethics.

After "Trump extremists" allegedly "misrepresented" Elizabeth Warren's DNA tests, she was forced to apologize and "re-re-identify" as a white female, because the Cherokee Nation declared, "Senator Warren is undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage."

Political careers, like the twisted trails to purgatory, are frequently paved with little "white" prevarications and double-speak.  Bureaucratic solutions are usually marketed, then enacted, with the best of intentions.  However, the requirements for "proof of vaccination" are real-time examples of George Orwell's 1984 on steroids.

We have surrendered our individual responsibilities to medical "experts" (?) who still debate whether the vaccines are safe or effective.  Why have only about half of the employees at the NIH and CDC accepted the vaccination?

For more than a year, we've relinquished our daily freedoms to the faux security of masks.  Most surgical and cloth masks have large pores (between 10,000 and100,000 angstroms).  Are these cavernous gaps really supposed to stop the smallest of bacteria (4,000 angstroms) or a virus at 1,000 angstroms?  Things we smell average between 10 and 100 angstroms, and the less commonly used (expensive) N95 mask filters out 95% of particles in the range of 1,000 to 3,000 angstroms.  "This means that individual viral particles are just small enough to be partially filtered by these masks[.]"

It's highly likely that denying unvaccinated college students admission to "in person" classes is just the tip of a massive social engineering iceberg.  Visualize, or should I say "identify" as, someone who, in the future, is denied access to public events, city council meetings, restaurants, churches, banks, airline terminals, public transportation, and even walking on sidewalks, because you are deemed irresponsible, uncooperative, and labeled a "contagious threat" to yourself and others.

With one phone call, your doctor, neighbor, co-worker, or government official could put you on a "no-fly," "no-social-events," "no-outdoor-activity," or "no-ballot" list.

Brace yourself, folks, because a vaccination "passport," microchip, or barcode on the forehead could be just around the corner.

With such benevolent oversight, does anyone dare to disagree with the New York Times or CNN, that these good intentions will protect the innocent while they enjoy dining (or serving) at their favorite restaurant, watch a movie at the MegaPlex, attend public lectures, perform street magic, drive a bus, walk on crowded sidewalks...or enter a sterilized ballot booth?

Image: Andrea Widburg using masks in a crowd from Rawpixel and facial features from Pixabay.

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