WaPo still hates Trump and needs you to know how bad he still is

Although the Supreme Court decision upholding Arizona voting rules made the front page of The Washington Post, July 2 — even above the fold — the lead story announced: "Prosecutors allege fraud at Trump firm."  An accompanying front-page story (also above the fold) in the Post's July 2 edition gave Donald J. Trump's reaction to the Manhattan district attorney's action against his firm and the firm's chief financial officer, Alan Weisselberg. 

The accompanying article is worth noting in that it includes a falsehood by omission against the former president.  This article, by Josh Dawsey, starts out by asserting that Mr. Trump "turned to a familiar playbook Thursday, attacking New York prosecutors who charged his company and chief financial officer with a raft of financial crimes by calling their charges politically motivated and an overreach designed to target him and his supporters."

The falsehood by omission comes in the next paragraph.

Trump, who has battled through decades of criminal investigations, bankruptcies and scandals, immediately used some of the same phraseology he employed during investigations into his conduct in the 2016 campaign and while he served as president.

It is the last part of the paragraph that carries the lie by omission, but first — shouldn't the reporter have informed readers what "criminal investigations" Donald J. Trump battled over "decades"?  And although even casual observers of business matters might be aware that Mr. Trump has filed for bankruptcy relief, to what "scandals" does reporter Dawsey refer?  When it comes down to covering Donald J. Trump, we get journalism by innuendo.

Now let's focus on the last part of the paragraph, alluding to "phraseology ... employed [by Mr. Trump] during investigations into his conduct in the 2016 campaign and while he served as president."  At this point, Dawsey quotes from a Trump statement in response to the action against his firm and Mr. Weisselberg.  "The political Witch Hunt by the Radical Left Democrats, with New York now taking over the assignment, continues. It is dividing our Country like never before."

Well, what were the "investigations into [Mr. Trump's] conduct in the 2016 campaign and while he served as president" if they were not witch hunts?  Note that this reporter, a Washington Post employee of the rabidly anti-Trump Post-owner, Jeff Bezos, does not specify that the investigations into the conduct of candidate, and then president, Donald Trump were probes of phony accusations — that the candidate was colluding with Russia's President Vladimir Putin, that he was "Putin's puppet," as Hillary Clinton, among other totalitarian tropesters, falsely spewed out — and what was the investigation while Mr. Trump was president if not the phony, politically rancid impeachment brought by the vicious, partisan Nancy Pelosi and her lackeys, Representatives J. Nadler and A. Schiff (who probably would never have gotten elected to the House if his name was not the fictional name of the Manhattan D.A. on the NBC program "Law and Order" — how many people thought they were electing the marvelous actor Steven Hill, the fictional "Adam Schiff," to Congress?)?  The essential charge in Impeachment I was that Mr. Trump was acting as if he were in charge of foreign policy, when that policy is to be left to invisible bureaucrats at the National Security Council, who, ostensibly, are serving the president, not ordering him about.

In brief, the probes of candidate Trump, and of President Trump, were indeed "politically motivated witch hunts." 

Continuing on the inside page, fake news–disseminator Dawsey writes "that Trump," out of the White House, is "testing [his ability] to turn allegations against him into political rallying cries."  The immediate paragraph above this assertion dredged up old accusations including this: "spreading falsehoods about the 2020 election that served as fuel for the mob that attacked the Capitol on Jan. 6.

This quoted assertion is a matter of leftist opinion, not newsworthy fact.  But here focus on the words "spreading falsehoods about the 2020 election."

Isn't it remarkable that neither Dawsey nor, apparently, any media leftists can ever insert the term "falsehoods" to describe the "investigations" of candidate and then president and now citizen Trump?

And speaking of investigations — whatever happened to Special Counsel John Durham, who was to have gotten to the bottom of the political falsehood generally known as "the Russia hoax," the lie that President Trump was a tool of Russia?  Maybe it is time to investigate apparent problems attending the Durham investigation of (whisper this) Democrat conduct during the 2016 campaign and while Mr. Trump was president.

But that would take assertive action from congressional Republicans.  Don't hold your breath.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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