Truth and consequences or California recall politics?

It's mind-boggling how quickly we've gone back to mask mandates and COVID scares.  Almost as quickly as the rise of Larry Elder as a viable and attractive replacement for California governor Gavin Newsom in the upcoming recall election.  Are these two facts connected?

Looking at the USA Facts chart on California COVID deaths, we are at the second-lowest level since the start of the pandemic.  For a brief period, from May 28 to June 2, deaths were lower, even at zero for one day.  Their data have us at 22 right now.  That's down from 25 the day before.  Yes, it may rise.  But we've let enormous numbers of disease vector, homeless migrants, into the country, and California's intrepid governor is welcoming them with open arms.  What else might we expect?

The local news is leading every single report with COVID "cases" rising to scare us all into getting the shots, and masks are again becoming de rigueur fashion accessories (let me also say, locally, that they never really went away, only the requirement for them).  I went to our wonderful local-owned grocery store and green market yesterday, but I couldn't enter, because I didn't have a newly required mask.  I probably could have walked in and been given a blue paper one, but because of the graphene in those, which is as bad as asbestos for your lungs, I won't wear one.

My thought is that this whole thing (a) is predictable, given the million or so people we've let in who come from countries without adequate medical care, many of whom have entered our welcoming state, and (b) reflects Newsom's thinking that if he's dealing with another COVID "crisis," how could we dis-elect him?  Furthermore, the newest crisis, if we shut down, will mandate a mail-in election.  We all know how easy that is to scam, and that may be his only hope.

The state's COVID site data vary from USA Facts and are a bit more confusing.  The state shows 46 deaths in its top-of-the-page chart, but if you scroll down to the Confirmed Deaths moving average chart, it shows 12 or fewer every day this month.  At this year's pandemic peak, January 12, there were 703 deaths.  How, then, is this a crisis?

One salient fact is that the feared delta variant causes far less serious symptoms in otherwise healthy people.  The symptoms have been likened to a cold or hay fever, plus a headache.  I suspect I had it last week, so I'm getting an antibody titer test run in a few days to see if I'm right.

I hope I had it!  My thought is that if delta is so un-deadly, we ought to simply allow it to happen and (gee, this sounds so sensible that we might have done it from the start, no?) protect the vulnerable until it has run its course and we have (gulp!) achieved herd immunity, as Sweden has.  What better way, then, to make use of this milder variant that is causing "cases" to rise and deaths to diminish?  The problem is, it's just not politically expedient for anyone with a megaphone to say that, so oh, well!

It's really getting to be time to find our voice and call the media and the government out on their duplicity with COVID.  Before we start seeing more restaurant closures, more small business failures, and the further destruction of Main Street.  If more people looked at facts rather than hyperbole, the edge of fear would disappear.

As one small further example, look at the state mandate to mask our children in school, and then compare it to the death statistics from COVID for kids, noting that at least a predominant percentage of the kids' deaths, per the CDC, have been in children with underlying co-morbidities (like cancer).  Then look at the death statistics from suicide among the same age group.  Startling contrast, yes?

It's a given that making children wear masks, besides the pathogens trapped in them causing other illnesses, keeps them from normal social interaction.  Responsible parents might want to take the power to mandate anything away from our irresponsible government.  We all might make the best use of this rising "case count" to further the cause of ousting Newsom, whose disastrous policies may have caused more death and destruction from COVID than the disease itself.

Image: Gavin Newsom wants double masking (edited in Pixlr).  YouTube screen grab.

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