There may be some method to the January 6 overcharging madness

Democrats, by likening those involved in January 6's Capitol fracas to the Civil War, Pearl Harbor, Kristallnacht, and 9/11, all rolled into one, created a conceptual problem for themselves because even felony charges will result in short sentences.  The resulting cognitive dissonance will make people question the overheated claims about January 6.  My friend Anony Mee, however, may have figured out one of the more nefarious things that's going on with the extremist hysteria to justify those felony charges:

It occurs to me that there is a reason behind charging the January 6 trespassers with felonies. It's so they can never again own guns or, in some states, vote.

The BLM/Antifa rioters and their hench-looters, if they were charged at all, were mostly charged with misdemeanors. Only some of those who seriously injured someone else were hit with a felony. They can still carry guns and vote.

The homeless who commit felony after felony are only charged with misdemeanors, if charged at all, so their "right" to vote is never in question.

The feds are still hunting down everyone who can be identified as having been anywhere near DC so that they can take away their guns and their right to vote.

I think this needs to be sounded far and wide so that Patriots know that a peaceable gathering is fine.  However, if anyone invites you to wander away from the main stage, it's a trap!!!

That sounds exactly right.  Democrats are using January 6 as their go-to event to achieve numerous political objectives.  We understood the obvious ones to be attacking Trump and intimidating weak and Vichy Republicans, as well as conservatives citizens, into silence and inactivity as the Democrats finish Obama's plan to "fundamentally change" America.  However, the less obvious benefit to the hysteria reveals another level to the Democrats' thinking.

I agree with J.R. Dunn's excellent piece about Leftwing Losers that the Democrats we see in power really are pathetic people.  However, I'm less concerned about the puppets than I am about the puppet masters.  While Biden and Kamala bumble about on the world stage, it's the people behind the scenes who are making decisions that destroy individual lives and tear apart our nation's fabric.

Fauci is currently being revealed as someone who seriously misdirected the COVID response.  We're also beginning to understand that he did so not because he was caught flatfooted by an unknown virus and a possible pandemic, but because he knew exactly what had happened, had helped make it happen, and was engaged in a cover-up to protect himself — a cover-up, moreover, that conveniently helped destroy the presidency of a man he despised.

We can point to Fauci as a fool and an incompetent, but he's not.  He's been playing these games successfully for forty years — and was so successful in 2020 that he allowed his Chinese friends to destroy the evidence; went a long way to wiping out America's middle class; and, as I said, got Trump out of office.  Overall, I'd say he's been a pretty successful puppet master.

It's not the politicians we need to fear — J.R.'s correct about what losers they are — but the bureaucrats hiding behind them and wielding the real power.

By the way, if we succeed in having honest elections in 2022, which will be a good indicator that a Republican will return to the White House in 2024, I hope the Republican president completely pardons every one of the people currently being persecuted for January 6.  They need to get their rights as citizens returned to them.  And after the pardons, the next thing he needs to do is to clean out the Augean stables known as the federal bureaucracy.

Image: Conservative protesters walking respectfully through the Capitol after the police opened the doors.  YouTube screen grab.

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