Their 'big lie' is Jim Crow 2.0

Joe Biden's claims of Jim Crow 2.0 cannot withstand a calm, rational, reasoned, and logical examination of the 2020 election's voting demographics.  It's more of the same from the Democrats, using their same old tried-and-true playbook, and it doesn't add up.

There are two rules of thumb to keep in mind when engaging in a discussion with liberals or leftists:

  • They will heavily defend their high-value assets.
  • When they believe you are a threat to one of their high-value assets, they will attack you personally.

When they do attack, expect liberals and leftists to use their most favored and trusted weapons:

  • Claims that their opponents are racist.
  • Claims that their opponents are committing (or want to commit) egregious injuries against good, decent, and hardworking Americans.
  • Claims that the issue at hand is an emergency; an existential threat; the worst we have ever seen.

In his speech on Tuesday, 13 July in Philadelphia, Joe Biden made claims that the voting integrity bills that Republican-led legislatures are passing in states across the country are a rebirth of yesterday's Jim Crow laws and that the people's right to vote, and to have their votes counted, is under assault.  If we ask a few simple, honest questions about his claims and the Democrat party's claims, they just don't add up.

First, let's look at who voted and how.  I searched the terms "Trump votes 2016 vs. 2020," and "2020 election demographics" to gather the information in this post.  No matter the source — liberal-leaning, Democrat party-favoring corporate media to conservative, Republican Party–favoring media — it was widely claimed and reported that 1) President Trump earned more votes in 2020 than in 2016; 2) that President Trump earned more votes among minorities in 2020 than in 2016; and 3) that the last time a Republican candidate earned such a high share of non-white votes was 60 years ago, when Richard Nixon received 32% of minority votes.  An increasing share of the minority voters upon whom the Democrat party has historically relied did not vote for the Democrat candidate in either 2016 or 2020.

So here is a simple, honest question: with Trump having made such advantageous gains among minority voters, why would these Republican state legislators want to make it harder for minorities to vote?  There are also simple, honest answers: they don't, and they haven't.

In much the same manner, we need to consider the fact that every time Trump or another Republican gives a speech or holds a press conference, Biden, the mainstream media, and other Democrats breathlessly report it as an example of racists assaulting the nation.  These claims don't add up.  All a discerning, intelligent American voter must do is critically examine Democrat claims and ask a simple, honest question: "Why?"

The inconvenient truth for the Democrat party is that those states with Republican legislatures that are amending their voting laws have closely examined the Democrat party's questionable actions (to be generous and collegial) in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic to work around, outright ignore, and effectively subvert the Constitution and the normal voting process in the 2020 election.  Those states now tidying up their voting laws are acting in a manner fully in keeping with their constitutional authority and with their states' laws.  There is no voter suppression and no assault on voting rights.

All elected Democrats consider the tactics used in the 2020 election to be their "high-value asset."  Therefore, they will attack Republican efforts to reinforce voting integrity and preserve all voters' rights to make sure those voters are not disenfranchised by another's illegal vote.  The Democrats' tactics are predictable: claims of racism, vote suppression, and every means necessary to incite an uproar over the existential threat.  The difference is that, this year, they're worse than we've ever seen, and the White House is fanning the flames.

The Democrat party intends never to lose another election, and those Republicans and conservatives demanding honest elections are a threat to this goal.  Not only we, but the Constitution itself (which they detest but are claiming to defend) is under attack.

The simple, honest truth is that the real "big lie" (a fascist phrase Biden used) is everything the Democrats say and do.

With their "For the People Act," one must wonder if the Democrats' ultimate desire is to truly earn our votes ever again, or do they prefer to placate the masses and have us go through the motions toward a predetermined result so they can claim we are participating in their idea of "democracy."

Image: Joe Biden accuses Republicans of Jim Crow 2.0.  YouTube screen grab.

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