The Texas fleebag stunt is backfiring on Democrats badly

Before we heard that now five Texas Democrats had tested positive for COVID, the Dallas Morning News had called on the gang to come home.

It was a good message that reminded them that most Texans are not consumed with Twitter or buying their act.  These "fleebag" state legislators claim to be standing up for voting rights and democracy, but did so by attempting to stop all voting at all by running away to prevent a quorum, which is some democracy.  All that, and a case of beer on the seat.

The editorial reminded them that they lost the election and represent a minority in the Legislature.

Well, talk about a trip going crazy.  Here in Texas, where I am, this is a political "Friday the 13th" movie, and it won't get better. 

Now we hear that Vice President Kamala Harris saw a doctor.  Let's pray that this drama ends well.

The Democrats will face two challenges in 2022: redistricting and re-electing their own in competitive districts.

In other words, any Democrat who won with 53% of the vote or less will be running in a different district.  As expected, the final map will help the GOP, as always happens when one party controls the Legislature. The current House make-up is 83-67, and the Senate is 18-13.

Let's keep an eye on those Democrats who won tight re-elections in 2020, such as Rhetta Bowers of RowlettAna Maria Ramos of Richardson, and Michelle Beckley of Carrollton.  Those three ladies won tight elections in the Metroplex and will be running in a different district after redistricting.

By the way, another Democrat who could be impacted is U.S. representative Collin Allred, who won a tight re-election in 2020 and will also be running in a different district.

We will see how it plays in 2022.  I don't think it will play well, and that's why the aforementioned Democrats have been a bit silent about the gang that flew to Washington.  They were on board "the plane of the unmasked" but not seen too much on TV.

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