The persecution of Garret Miller

Garret Miller of Dallas contends that  January 6, 2021 charges brought against him represent "selective prosecution." 

Miller has retained the services of attorney F. Clifton Boyden, who, according to a report in the New York Times, has pointed out that Portland rioters got lenient treatment reflecting the change from the Trump to the Biden administration, with the Department of Justice now in Democrat hands.

Among the ludicrous arguments brought by Miller's prosecutors is the allegation that while the Capitol was breached by a "mob," no courthouse was broken into in Portland, nor was any congressional proceeding interrupted.  The prosecutors seem to be supporting this argument on behalf of the Portland perpetrators: "they should not be charged because it was only property that was destroyed."  One cannot get much more "woke" than that.

The Times account also reports that Garret Miller was spotted in "a fighting stance with one of his legs in front of the other."

There should be no doubt that prosecution of Garret Miller is an assault on the constitutional concept of "equal protection under law."  Indeed, this concept should dismiss the egregious prosecution of most protesters at the Capitol — many of whom, on the most minimal of charges, have been held for months in solitary confinement.  Has any of the violent anti-Trump crowd been arrested and held?   A leftist media establishment silent about the unfair treatment accorded pro-Trump partisans would howl in outrage if a single violent Antifa radical were treated similarly.

Attorney Boyden contends that our system of justice is now corrupted by prosecutors playing politics: the blindfold has been stripped from the eyes of Justice, her scales tilting heavily against people who dare to carry high a Trump banner.

Image: Texas Dept. of Motor Vehicles.

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