The man who accosted Tucker Carlson has an interesting background

It's already old news that an obnoxious leftist verbally assaulted Tucker Carlson, who was in a fly fishing shop in Montana.  Leftists celebrated one of their own throwing mindless insults in Tucker's direction.  Conservatives appreciated how Tucker kept his calm and his sense of humor.  Now, though, some interesting information is emerging about the leftist yahoo, a guy named Dan Bailey, thanks to his having outed himself on his Instagram account.  It turns out that Dan Bailey worked for an organization that was closely associated with the CIA.

We'll begin with Bailey doxing himself by proudly posting the video on his own Instagram account, including a rehash of the insults he spouted while following Tucker around the store:

It's not everyday you get to tell someone they are the worst person in the world and really mean it! What an a------! This man has killed more people with vaccine misinformation, he has supported extreme racism, he is a fascist and does more to rip this country apart than anyone that calls themselves an American.

It's easy to quibble with Bailey's knowledge and intelligence, both of which are clearly limited.  His claims about Tucker being a killer are silly when one considers that (a) the virus has a less than 2% mortality rate; (b) the vaccination may have a very high mortality rate; (c) Tucker just wants answers; and (d) during the Trump administration, the vaccine "misinformation" was that it couldn't be created quickly and that, if Trump succeeded, no sane person would use it.  Ironically, because the guy is a Trump-hater, he probably reflexively adores Fauci, who lied about his role in creating the virus.

As for fascism, only a historic illiterate fails to understand that fascism is a socialist phenomenon that seeks more government control (like Biden), not less (like Tucker).  I could go on, but you get the gist: the guy is a dim bulb.

Despite Bailey's having confronted Tucker in Dan Bailey's Fly Shop, the shop's owner, Dan Sexton, wanted it to be completely clear that Dan Bailey had no connection to the shop:

This person has no affiliation with our business, other than he shares the same name as our founder, who passed away in 1982. To be clear, we treat every customer equally and respectfully. Our staff was professional and cordial to Mr. Carlson, as we are with all of our customers.

Things start getting interesting when you look at Bailey's personal information.  Superficially, all looks normal for a young(ish) leftist.  Bailey is a "Yellowstone Program Manager" for the National Parks Conservation Association, a 501(c)(3) charity:

Screen grab.

Kyle Becker perused Bailey's LinkedIn page and concluded that "[h]e is fairly well-educated," because he has a B.S. and an M.S.  I disagree.  As a fairly recent graduate of these institutions (after 2010), he's probably not educated at all.  He's indoctrinated.  He's also a worrying harbinger of the leftism seeping into Montana.  As more and more Californians leave the state they ruined and take their ruinous politics with them, it's only going to get worse.

The most interesting thing about Bailey, though, is that he's a Board member of the Taimen Fund (hat tip: Kyle Becker):

Screen grab.

For those who don't know (that would be me, up until five minutes ago), the Taimen is "the world's largest freshwater salmonid."  They are, of course, endangered.  In his Board bio, he includes this sentence: "Dan began his work in Mongolia during the summer of 2007 as a river ecologist working on the Asia Foundation's 'Securing Our Future' project."  It's entirely possible that this was a job he held while he was in college since he received his Master's only in 2013.

The Asia Foundation, though, isn't just any foundation.  Officially, it's "a nonprofit international development organization committed to improving lives across a dynamic and developing Asia."  In fact, it's the second iteration of an organization called "Committee for Free Asia" that the CIA founded in 1951.  In 1954, the organization got a facelift as the Asia Foundation, but it remained on the CIA payroll until 1969.  It still gets most of its funding from the U.S. government, although it's unclear what, if any role, the CIA plays.

Even if Dan Bailey is untainted by contact with the CIA, the guy has never held a job that's dependent on the free market.  Before working for the National Parks Conservation Association, he worked for Pheasants Forever, another 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  So what we've got here is a marginally educated young leftist who's never worked in the private sector but has worked for an organization with long and deep CIA ties.

It's probably just a coincidence that Dan Bailey, of all people, hunted down Tucker Carlson, a man hostile to the Deep State, and berated him in a threatening manner, saying, "I don't care" when Tucker asked him to show respect for the fact that Tucker's young daughter was watching Bailey's bullying unfold.  But have you noted that, lately, none of the "coincidences" in 2021 America has proven to be that coincidental?

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