The left's disconnect: Mandate vaccines, ignore homicidal crime waves

Democrats are beyond hysterical that some people choose not to be vaccinated.  They are irrationally crazed about the January 6th set-up of an "insurrection."  When compared to the summer of riots that they wholly supported and even encouraged, what occurred that day was a non-event.  But they are silent about the crime waves that are making N.Y., S.F., Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Louis, and other Democrat-run cities unlivable killing fields.

Oh, they disingenuously rage on and on about how more gun control is needed, but they know damn well that those doing the shooting don't obey any laws, let alone gun regulations.  They don't want to hear about the gang war in the Bronx that is killing teens or the thousands that have been killed in Chicago.

After a year of demanding that police be defunded, Jen Psaki, the Baghdad Bob of the current W.H., tried to blame the enormous spike in violent crime on Republicans; she said they were behind the defund the police campaign.  No one is buying that lie.  Nor will they buy Andrew Cuomo's bill to make gun manufacturers liable.

And now Biden wants to "investigate" those who rationally purchased guns during the riots that wrought destruction in so many cities.  And to add insult to injury, now this administration is going to monitor all text messages for "COVID misinformation."  How totalitarian is that?  Completely.

One of the Chinese propagandists on CNN, Leana Wen, is so enraged that some folks have not submitted to these entirely experimental vaccines.  She says, "Life must be hard for the unvaccinated ... they should have to be tested twice weekly."  Sure, they'll all go along with that.  Tens of thousands of migrants are pouring over the southern border.  They are not being tested or vaccinated, but Americans must be?

Just who are Biden, Fauci, and the rest of those disseminating panic porn accountable to that they've forgotten the first rule of the Nuremberg Code in the section entitled "Permissible Medical Experiments"?  The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.  And then there is the HIPAA Privacy Rule.  And yet the left intends to mandate the vaccines for everyone, including children who are at little risk of getting COVID and at virtually no risk of dying of it.  One has to question why.

If the vaccines are effective, then the vaccinated are protected, as are those who have had COVID and recovered.  Why are they so alarmingly determined to vax every single human on the planet?  COVID has a survival rate of nearly 99%, the fatalities due to co-morbidities.

What is in those jabs that they are so maniacal about getting it into each and every one of us?  Why do they care so much?

Photo credit: U.S. Secretary of Defense, CC BY 2.0, license.

And why do they not care about the thousands who are being assaulted or are dying on city streets each week?  Nor do they care about the millions of dollars the cartels are raking in thanks to Biden's open border policy or the rampant sex-trafficking of girls and women those policies have engendered.  The left's priorities are upside-down and thoroughly immoral.

The hopelessly ill-qualified secretary of HHS, Xavier Becerra, claims that it is "absolutely the government's business to know which Americans haven't been vaccinated."  Really?  Where in the Constitution does it say that, Secretary Becerra?  Nowhere.  Chances are he's never read the Constitution or, like the rest of the left, dismisses it as old and irrelevant.

The administration is frantically politicizing the unvaccinated as right-wingers while assuring us they are not politicizing the issue.  In fact, it is principally young people who are choosing not to be vaxxed, not exclusively Republican men, as they would have us believe.  It is not at all political to those who have done their homework and sought out the information that Big Tech and the MSM have censored and so don't want the jab, but their "hesitancy" has been thoroughly politicized, most especially by egomaniac Tony Fauci.

Fauci seems unable to handle the fact that not all Americans see him as their savior.  He is more closely aligned to the Grim Reaper.  His fingerprints are all over this genetically engineered flu, thanks to his ideological and financial support for the gain-of-function development of the virus.  It seems as if he and the rest of the mandate-the-vax crowd are owned by some entity that has them on the vax train.  Is it China?  Big Pharma?  Have they all been bought?  There simply has to be an explanation for the left's frenzied campaign to see every citizen vaccinated.  COVID is not smallpox or polio.  Most people who get it survive.  And there are other therapeutics.  A vaccine was never necessary.

There is something insidious going on, something that has made guinea pigs of all who chose and may still choose to be vaccinated.  "Tis a mystery while the catastrophic rise in gun violence is no mystery at all.  Defund the police, institute no-bail, do not charge rioters, looters, and arsonists with the crimes they've committed, release criminals onto the streets over and over again, make car break-ins effectively legal as they have in S.F., elect DAs who are advocates for criminals, and you have a perfect storm of crime.  Yes, the crime surge is as easily explained as day follows night.  But the Fauci-ists are for some reason scared to death of the vaccine-resistant while the nonstop murders making our major cities so dangerous does not bother them one bit.  Sure, Biden had a little sit-down today, most notably with Eric Adams, the probably soon to be mayor of N.Y. who calls himself the Biden of the Bronx, but it is doubtful that anything came of it beyond note card Biden's suggestion that COVID funds be used to hire police!  How about that? 

The thousands of doctors, biologists, virologists who have tried to warn against the vaccines, especially for young people and pregnant women, have been deplatformed with the cold and calculated determination of any communist regime.  That includes the suppression of any discussion of treatments other than the vaccines.

Someone needs to find out why and let us all in on the secret.  Whatever it is, it is bound to be nefarious and rooted in corruption.  The American left is now overwhelmingly anti-American.  They seem bound and determined to destroy this nation as founded, to pit Americans against one another, to institutionalize vote fraud, to transform the country into some sort of globalist enclave for refugees from all over the world.  All and all, trouble ahead.

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