The last six months have seen a lot of leftist wish fulfillment

How far can someone be goaded and bullied before he fights back?  Most bullies are sociopaths and narcissists, adept at shifting the blame to their victims.  They manipulate situations so the victim is the one who gets punished for the fight they were goaded into.  Does this sound like what is happening right now, out in the open, on a national level, for all to see?  Are we powerless to stop it?  If we're not powerless, what can we do?

The left cried "insurrection!" on January 6 and, ever since, has used that cry to intimidate us.  The whole Capitol event, I'm convinced, was orchestrated.  It was a tableau they created deliberately.  The orchestrators counted on our good people exercising just enough poor judgment to follow willingly the lead of others in the huge crowd, despite not knowing them.  Leftists knew that if those others appeared to be like Trump-supporters — dressed like them, appeared to be trustworthy — there would be people who would follow blindly.

Pelosi refused the 10,000 National Guard troops Trump offered to keep order because of the predicted rally size.  I'm betting that the pipe bombs were planted by leftist operatives — why else has nobody been identified as having planted them?  Antifa disguised as patriots rallied the crowd to break windows and flow into open Capitol doors.  We know now that there were FBI plants among the crowd, too.  The violence was calculated to fit a purposeful narrative.  I suspect that Ashli Babbitt's murder was unintentional — but somebody had to get shot, I'm guessing, so the crowd would go nuts and disintegrate into mob violence.  It didn't work, a credit to the mostly orderly Patriots, the same crowd of patriots who, when they marched in the past, even cleaned up after themselves.

Because of this setup, we now know we can trust no one.  The '"insurrectionists" languish in solitary confinement for the crime of trespass, threatened with twenty-year prison sentences, while the Antifa thugs and FBI plants remain free.  These people's suffering hangs over us.  We want to fix it, and we can't understand why our supposed representatives in Congress and our traitorous courts are powerless to simply free these souls and right this wrong.

I wondered, back in January, why they put up the Capitol fencing.  It supported the same narrative, that the "right-wing extremist mob" not only exists but would also arrive and be violent.  Leftists desperately want to create that violent mob so they can quash it, justifying their further move toward totalitarian rule.  That mob, however, has not been in evidence at any point in the last five years, so they keep squeezing us harder, hoping they can gin it up.

We have basically been outplayed.  They stand at the ready to put down the trouble they are trying to make happen.

How else to finish the coup?  They need us to put up a physical fight so that they can establish martial law.  Once they have that, they can swiftly act to consolidate power.  They can finally eliminate all freedoms, make sure elections are never again legitimate, and achieve their Marxist paradise.  The chosen few will be richly rewarded.  The rest of us peons will suffer endlessly for the crime of wanting to live free, with integrity and self-respect.

They want to push us far enough that we break.  If we do nothing, they'll just continue to take, take, and take more, so it's a lose-lose situation.  The longer they keep control, the more of our children and grandchildren they can program to hate us.  In the meantime, they open the borders to indiscriminate invasion, cozy up to the duplicitous Chinese, enact more and tighter gun control legislation, and keep bankrupting the country to raise inflation and make what we have valueless.  They've already created a dependency on the government dole, destroyed small businesses, and taken our freedom of movement.

If we don't stop them, they'll cheat their way to election win after election win, no matter the will of the people.  They'll accuse "the mysterious Q," whatever that is (does it exist? I have no idea, but doubt it), of fomenting sedition.  Because we have no identity for Q, they can make it whatever they need it to be.

They think their plan is foolproof.  The latest move, to cow us with Delta COVID, is catching fire.  But if you check the stats, you'll see that there the seven-day average of COVID deaths is 228 for the nation.  That's not an increase.  Yet we hear only about an "alarming increase in cases," as you watch the country moving toward yet another crippling shutdown.

We can't let that happen.  Nor can we let the bogus elections stand.  Strong people are staying the course there, and the left is panicking over it.  We can't allow the next election to be controlled by the leftists, their evil "voting machines," and their technocrat funders.  While we must never feed their narrative of right-wing violence, we need to use the rule of law in every way possible to thwart the bullies.  Our country's life depends on it, and on us.

Image: Trump rally attendees in Ohio (cropped and edited in Pixlr).  Rumble screen grab.

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