The January 6 hearings: Day one

One of the witnesses at yesterday's January 6 "hearing," Sgt. Aquilino Gonnell of the Capitol Police, seemed to threaten Donald Trump. He blamed Trump for creating the situation at the Capitol, adding that he would like to "to go to his house and do the same to him.  He would like to go to Trump's house and do the same to him."  He made this comment during a colloquy with Republican turncoat Liz Cheney.  Gonnell further told this select committee that "instead of sending in the military," Trump "egged them to continue fighting."  It seems that the sergeant is unaware that Pelosi, not Trump, prevented the military from being called in.  The sergeant also suggested that Trump is an egoist who did not do a good job.  Hardly the stuff of eyewitness testimony.

How did Gonnell know that President Trump "egged on" the demonstration at the Capitol on January 6?  While dealing with the onrushing "mob," was the sergeant also listening to audio of the president's remarks at his rally that day?  It seems more likely than not that the sergeant was telling this panel of Trump-hating members of Congress what they wanted to hear, to further their campaign to smear President Trump and Republicans, generally, six months after President Trump left office — peacefully, it might be noted.

Capitol Hill police officer Harry Dunn told the committee that he was called the N-word several times on January 6.  But before doing so, he asked for a moment of silence to honor the memory of Capitol officer Brian Sicknick, who, Dunn asserted "died from injuries" incurred at the Capitol.  It is my understanding that Officer Sicknick was unharmed on January 6, dying that night after suffering two strokes.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren interrupted her questioning of the witness to put a video taken on January 6 on the screen.  The video, apparently, was shot by the body camera of Metropolitan Police Department officer Michael Fanone.  The scene mainly showed legs, so far as I could tell.  With the video ended, Lofgren began her questions, at which point I left off viewing this proceeding to turn our country into one-party rule.

Still, I was left with a couple of questions prompted by the opening select "testimony": how were these police officers chosen to be witnesses?  Did they have assistance in preparing their statements, and if so, from whom? 

I look forward to learning about committee member Schiff alleging, at some point, that "Jan. 6" was a joint effort by Trump and Putin to kill democracy in the United States.

Image: Elvert Barnes.

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