The Chinese Communist Party is a global menace

Many Americans know that Thomas Jefferson is purported to have said, "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."  This is most certainly the reason for being constantly vigilant about the thinking and planning of those at the top levels of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  From time to time, glimpses of this thinking and planning become evident to peoples of the free world.  

Relatively little has been said about the statements made in 2003 by defense minister (General) Chi Haotian in a "secret speech" to many of his top-level CCP comrades.  In 2005, a copy of his speech was obtained by sources outside China.  The contents of the speech were confirmed as accurate by certain unpublished defector testimony on Sino-Russian military plans.

The extent to which current CCP leaders agree with or support defense minister Haotian's statements is not fully known.  Regardless, Americans and other freedom-loving people need to be aware of the cunning, sinister thinking and planning evident in the "secret speech."

The words of the speech are eerily reminiscent of the "superior race" mentality exhibited and cast upon the world by the German Nazi government and war machine prior to and during World War Two.

Following are a few of the more alarming statements by Haotian:

- "It is indeed brutal to kill one or two hundred million Americans.  But that is the only path that will secure a Chinese century in which the Chinese Communist Party leads the world."

- "Only countries like the United States, Canada, Australia have the vast land to serve our need for mass colonization."

- "Our economic development is all about preparing for the needs of war.  Publicly we still emphasize economic development as our center, but in reality, economic development has war as its center!"

- "Only by turning our developed national strength into the force of a first striking outward — only by leading people to go outside China — can we win forever the Chinese people's support and love for the Communist Party.  Our party will then stand on invincible ground, and the Chinese people will have to depend on the Communist Party."

- "Therefore our military battle preparation appears to aim at Taiwan but in fact is aimed at the United States, and the preparation is far beyond the scope of attacking aircraft carriers or satellites."

- "So, only by breaking the blockade formed by the western countries headed by the United States can China grow and move toward the world."

The contents of this brief article hopefully will cause many Americans and organizations to seriously think twice about conducting business or making other arrangements with Communist China (effectively the CCP).  The goals and objectives of the CCP are diametrically opposed to the freedoms enjoyed by Americans and other freedom-loving people around the world.  The CCP is no friend of America, nor of any freedom-loving people.

Paul S. Gardiner is a retired Army officer, Vietnam veteran, and lover of America.  He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Alabama, and the U.S. Army War College.

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