The CDC uses discredited, inapplicable authority to back its new mask guidelines

This will not be an anti-vaccine post.  It will, however, be an attack against the CDC for using discredited and inapplicable authority to justify its latest mask and vaccine guidelines and for ignoring credible opposing authority.  I'll also take a stab at answering why all this craziness is coming from the Biden administration.  I've got two theories (one of which I discredit), so stick around for them.

First, the Biden administration, having said all Veterans' Affairs employees must be vaccinated, will soon announce that all federal employees must be vaccinated or lose their jobs; that children should wear masks all day in school; and that everyone else should wear masks, too, whether they're vaccinated or not.  All those orders and guidelines are ludicrous, and they're ludicrous for multiple reasons.

In December, Biden promised there would be no mask or vaccine mandates.  And keep in mind that he has no legal authority to make such a mandate national in any event.  However, he does have authority over the administrative state, and the federal government is the largest single employer in America.  This will affect a lot of people.

I've already discussed here why the new guidelines for children, coming as they do from the American Academy of Pediatrics, are complete garbage.  In addition, Tucker Carlson's people checked the data about children dying from the virus and found that the CDC's own data contradict it, although CDC head Walensky went ahead and lied anyway:

As for everyone wearing masks, whether vaccinated or not, that's just crazy talk.  Either the vaccine works or it doesn't.  If it does, we shouldn't have to wear masks.  If it doesn't, why the push to vaccinate people?  This is especially true given that ivermectin works pretty well as a treatment.

The current explanation for pretending the first round of vaccines never really happened is that the delta variant is different.  Do you know what this all sounds like?  It sounds like a flu vaccine.

Every year, people over 60 or with compromised immune systems are encouraged to get their flu shot, which may or may not work, and which needs to be redone annually.  So maybe that's all that this feared COVID vaccine is — a fancy flu shot that made the pharmaceutical industry very, very rich.

But aside from that — and here's the really shocking thing — the basis for the CDC's latest guidelines about masks and vaccines is a study that not only was not peer-reviewed but also has nothing to do with America, right down to its studying a different vaccine:

And of course, there's the little problem (which Tucker mentions) of the millions of illegal aliens pouring over the border carrying COVID with them.  While you're being pressured to take a shot you don't want and forced to wear a useless, germ-ridden mask, these germ-ridden people are streaming in (including carrying in germs from lots of other even more horrible diseases, including TB, which was once America's biggest killer).

So what's going on here?  I don't believe that the Democrats are trying to kill us all.  Remember, the most ardent people when it comes to the vaccine are leftists.  If Democrats secretly know that the vaccine is dangerous, they're killing their base.  These lefties, after all, are the ones virtue-signaling all over my Facebook page about how they're vaccinated and you're a moron.

Also, the federal workforce that Biden wants to vaccinate is the backbone of his presidency.  It's the Deep State that attacked Trump non-stop and will destroy anyone who threatens it.

That leaves only one reason for this push: the government is doing it because it can.  The whole point is to accustom you to take whatever the government dishes out.  George Orwell understood this, writing in 1939, nine years before he published 1984, that "[i]t is quite possible that we are descending into an age in which two plus two will make five when the Leader says so."

When it comes to the shot and masks, we are being trained to stop asking questions and to remember that 2+2=5.

Image: What’s wrong with this picture of Kamala Harris telling us that, once you're vaccinated, you don't need the mask?  (Fox News screen grab.)

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