Radical leftists call for armed confrontation for any state that enforces borders

As states pursue rule of law at the border amid a record surge of illegal migrants and Biden administration inaction, open border activists are getting busy.

According to The Last Refuge/Conservative Treehouse:

 Several states responded to the call from Texas Governor Greg Abbott asking for allied states to send law enforcement and national guard to secure the southern border after the Biden administration actively, intentionally and purposefully works to keep it open.

With the potential for cooperation from states, what I call “extreme federalism“, to secure the border regardless of the Federal inaction, an assembly of various activist groups are petitioning the White House to confront the states with direct military action.

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), a far-left communist advance group, is asking Joe Biden to fight the state effort with all measures possible, including armed confrontation.

 Here's the hysteria:

“We told the president in no uncertain terms, this is an insurrection by recalcitrant and rebellious states that must be stopped,” says Domingo Garcia, national president of LULAC. He said Mr. Abbott, who hosted former President Donald Trump for a border visit last week, was “fomenting dangerous racial hatred targeting Latinos.”

So they don't want protection of the U.S. border from migrant surges, they want the feds to turn their guns on states that seek to do the job the feds won't do. Which is pretty twisted logic. It's almost as if the cartels have donned activist skin suits and advocated their invader agenda. LULAC's Wikipedia page notes that the group, like the Cesar Chavez United Farmworkers, originally opposed illegal immigration. Now they've switched, and seem to be doing the cartels' bidding. Something funny happened to them.

What's more, the rage of these open-border activists -- who are very well funded, by the way -- likely comes with political muscle, an 'or else' to Joe, if he doesn't comply with their demands. If Joe somehow manages to resist them, there will be hell to pay for him.

Which is extremely weird stuff, given that these people claim to represent Latinos ... and Latinos are moving in high numbers to the Republicans, courtesy of President Trump.

That puts Joe in a dilemma: Satisfy LULAC and avoid protests from their cavalcade of leftist whiners who may exact consequences if he doesn't, or satisfy the rule of law, and avoid more defections from Latino voters who are otherwise moving toward Trump? Polls show significant disapproval of his border performance, that counts, too.

What does a Potemkin president do? It's hard to say, but one thing is certain: Joe has little organic support, and a history of taking the easiest way out, so expect him to yield to this bunch. That signals use of force against states who only want the feds to enforce rule of law may emerge as a flashpoint. Civil war, anyone? We know for sure that LULAC and pals seem to have that on their minds and are egging weakling Joe on to use force on them, with 'racism' their battle cry. Joe Biden's a lot of things, but a Lincoln is one thing he's not.

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