Psaki’ s BS has gotten so blatant that even reporters from NYT, Bloomberg, Politico and NPR called her out Friday

Last Friday saw something of a landmark, less than half a year after the Biden administration assumed office.  The level of gaslighting – proclaiming things that are the exact opposite of the truth, such as blaming Republicans for defunding the police – has gotten so bad that even members of the progressive media feel free to mock at least some of the bilge they are being fed by Biden’s handlers’ press secretary, Jen Psaki.

The issue that provoked negative feedback from her normally supportive allies was not top-of-mind stuff like defunding the police, but rather an inside baseball sort of issue. I consider it a warning shot across her bow, warning her to keep lies to a level that could plausibly be sold to the public. “Don’t force us to peddle utter crap that everyone can recognize as BS” is my rough translation of the implicit message.

Nick Arama of Red State spotted the blowback:

… Fox’s Peter Doocy asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki for comment about the reports. He asked if the White House was concerned that staffers reportedly felt like they worked in an abusive environment? Jen Psaki’s response to staffers allegedly being abused? Oh, those are anonymous reports so I don’t have to respond to them

“I try not to speak to or engage on anonymous reports or anonymous sources,” Psaki responded, trying to provide cover for Harris.

 Keep in mind that anonymous sources are the bread and butter of the White House and entire DC press corps. They are highly attuned to the nuances and are protected by clear rules on the use of anonymous sources. The first member of WH press corps to react came from Bloomberg, pointing to Psaki as a systemic user of anonymity:

 Psaki, perhaps assuming the reporters are as dumb as Ben Rhodes thinks they are, tried to counter.

Big mistake. Going anonymous in policy briefings, where there is no fear of retaliation (the reason sources want to be anonymous in the first place) just makes reporters’ stories weaker, basically making their jobs tougher. Class interests, as the Marxists might put it, are at stake.  Then came the deluge from erstwhile allies.

The New York Times:


The LA Times:

Even NPR!

Will Psaki heed the warning? She is only the mouthpiece, so she doesn’t get to decide what tacks to take, she obeys orders and tries not to smile when she is peddling BS.

I don’t think Jill Biden, Ron Klain, or whoever else Biden worries about getting in trouble with will change their tune.

And the agitprop media reporters will continue to assist the Biden administration in its propaganda operations, albeit with a little less enthusiasm, and a certain wariness.

Nonetheless, this is a landmark, demonstrating that the BS levels have gotten so bad that they cannot be sustained, even with a cooperative media.

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