Pausing a minute to consider the damage leftism does to America

Every day, I look for current stories that are interesting and report them here with added facts or commentary.  Today, however, I kept running smack into stories that were too short to qualify for an entire post.  However, I was haunted by the fact that a common thread bound them together — and that thread is the terrible decay America has suffered since the Chinese unleashed COVID and the Democrats weaponized it.  Biden has accelerated the problems but the craziness appears everywhere Democrats are at work.

Democrat policies in California

In California, robberies of items worth less than $950 are misdemeanors, not felonies.  Moreover, in both San Francisco and Los Angeles, the prosecutors whom George Soros placed in office will not prosecute crimes.  They exist to protect criminals, not law-abiding citizens.  And that is how you end up with this video:

Democrat policies on our Southern border

We have an entire chapter in the United States Code dedicated to who may come into our country, along with the orderly procedures for letting those people in.  What's clear under the law is that people don't just get to walk across the border.  Except that's exactly what they're doing in Del Rio.  The Democrats want compliant people who expect a corrupt government as long as they get their welfare payments.  You're not that population, so the Democrats, from Biden on down, are blatantly breaking the law to drown you out:

While these people just walk right in, the Biden government is banning Cuban refugees escaping a true political dictatorship (these are people who know how bad socialism is) and Haitian refugees escaping civil collapse (these are people who succeed in America, putting the life to the Critical Race Theory claim about systemic racism).

Another thing: The number of COVID cases along the border has surged by 900%.  However, Obama's Health and Human Services secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, thinks you should be banned from working or having access to children if you refuse to get vaccinated — with a vaccine that the renegade Texas representatives revealed does not stop you from either catching or sharing the virus.

In Michigan, the FBI orchestrated a kidnapping plot

Last year, we learned that some people wanted to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer.  It appears, though, that the FBI operatives involved in the plot originated it and planned it.

It also appears that the FBI was trying to sabotage the lawyers for the defense.  This is no small thing.  As my criminal law professor told us a long time ago, when facing the government, which is judge, jury, and executioner, every person, no matter how obvious his guilt, should have someone on his side.  In Michigan, though, having created a crime and then tagged people for it, the FBI is trying to deny them representation.

It also turns out that the lead agent involved in this whole thing has just been arrested for spousal abuse.  If you follow the link, you'll see that the lead agent is an odd bird under any circumstances.

And speaking of the FBI: The Department of Justice has released an investigative summary stating that a "Then-Senior FBI Official," while involved in the Russian collusion investigation, was having unauthorized contacts with the media and accepting gifts from the media.  Sundance, who is usually correct about these things, says that unnamed person (who should be named) is Andrew McCabe.

The FBI is an entirely Democrat animal.  Some are true believers; some are focused on paying their mortgages and guarding their pensions; none cares about ethics or law.

We are being led by crazy people

There is enormous pressure on ordinary Americans to accept two completely false principles: systemic White-led, anti-Black racism and transgenderism.  Neither is true.  However, the crazy people have the loudest voices on this — and while they may not cross your path, be assured that they are reaching your children, whether on TikTok or in the classroom:

Remember — in Orwell's 1984, at the end of the day, it wasn't important that Winston Smith would say "2+2=5."  He had to believe it.  That's how Big Brother works.

Here are a few other examples of the insanity that the left is trying to normalize — and do understand that there's enormous pressure in academia for students to embrace these ideas:


We are no longer in a world with people to the left and right of a normal center.  The Democrat party, in its effort to bring about Marxism without pushing purely economic myths, has embraced criminals, open borders, bureaucratic corruption, and out-and-out insanity about sex and race.

Those Americans who claim to be non-political, who don't like either party, who thought Trump was vulgar, who claim Joe Biden isn't really senile — they need to look around and decide if the result of letting Democrats take charge creates an America in which they want to live and that they want for their children and grandchildren.  And if they dislike the crime, population shifts, corruption, racism, and perversion, they need to get off the sidelines and act.

Image: Your country on leftism.  Twitter screen grab.