NYC mayoral candidate Eric Adams sues over botched election count

A genuine nightmare is brewing for Democrats, as the laughably incompetent administration of last week's primary election for mayor of New York City proves the need for election integrity measures being demanded by Republicans.  Yesterday, the frontrunner for the Dems' nomination sued and invited the other candidates to join him as litigants.  Julia Marsh reports in the New York Post:

Mayoral candidate and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams filed a preemptive lawsuit Wednesday to "ensure a fair and transparent election process" after the Board of Elections botched the June 22 primary outcome by accidentally including test results in the vote count, leading to 135,000 extra ballots.

"Today we petitioned the court to preserve our right to a fair election process and to have a judge oversee and review ballots, if necessary," Adams said in a statement.

"We are notifying the other campaigns of our lawsuit through personal service, as required by law, because they are interested parties," Adams said.

"We invite the other campaigns to join us and petition the court as we all seek a clear and trusted conclusion to this election," he added.

Eric Adams (YouTube screen grab — cropped).

Republicans have been called treasonous for questioning the ballot-counting in swing states in the 2020 election.  Now the front-runner, possibly to be joined by the rest of the Democrat field in the NYC mayor's race, is so mistrustful that he wants a judge looking over the shoulders of the ballot-counters.

The agitprop Democrat media functionaries are revealing their panic by barely noticing this huge blowup in the media capital of the nation, where local news usually is seen as national in interest.  Scott Whitlaw reports for Newsbusters:

[W]hen the deeply liberal and Democratic state of New York suffered a massive debacle on Tuesday, the networks were virtually silent. ABC's Good Morning America on Wednesday offered ZERO coverage to New York City's mayoral race descending into chaos as over a hundred thousand test ballots accidentally were included in the voting totals.    

NBC's Today show allowed a scant 31 seconds and CBS This Morning mirrored that with just 32 seconds of coverage. In total, these three morning shows are six hours long, but allowed just 63 seconds. GMA devoted 3 minutes and 1 seconds to whether pot customers are getting ripped off by low levels of THC in their marijuana. So, clearly, there was time available for an actually important story. 

With the results of the Arizona audit to be announced soon, the plans of the Dems and their media allies to mock the notion that anything could possibly have invalidated the vote count there will be easily countered.

It has long been claimed that the mayor of New York City is the second most important elected chief executive officer in the United States, after the president.  As the media capital, and with its characteristic high self-regard, New York media people think what happens there has deep importance for the entire country.  Even as they might try to ignore it, this strife over election integrity in the race for mayor will grab eyeballs and mindshare.  And hand ammunition to Republicans seeking to ensure election integrity in 2022 and 2024.

H.R. 1, with its federalization of election rules, is dead.  So the contest will be fought at the state and local levels.  And the point that Democrat-run New York City can't manage a fair vote count is a perfect supporting argument to enhance election security across the country.

Democrats keep showing us that they think they need to cheat in order to win national elections.  They may have just lost their chance to permanently install election laws that help them do so.

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