More indicators that China is preparing for a hot war

When I heard that websites were claiming that a "top Japanese leader" had said that he feared that China was preparing a Pearl Harbor–style attack against the U.S., I assumed that this story came from clickbait sites and was ready to discount it.  However, Thomas Lifson caught up with the fact that this wasn't clickbait at all.  Instead, it came from Japan's state defense minister, who warned that China and Russia are partnering to threaten all sorts of Pacific bases, from Hawaii to Taiwan.

The same article from Thomas Lifson also quoted Andrew Bolt's essay in the Melbourne Herald-Sun about the Nazi-esque echoes in the celebrations in Beijing for the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party.  In addition to goose-stepping soldiers and displays of China's massive military might, Bolt noted that Xi's speech was decided bloodthirsty:

It was frightening enough that Xi threatened "foreign forces" he'd "crack their heads and spill blood".

Worse, was that in paragraph after key paragraph he pushed the same buttons Hitler pushed in his speech in 1937 on the fourth anniversary of his Nazi dictatorship.

All the same evils are there. The appeals to race. The paranoia. The inflammatory poking of a mortified national pride. The fake appeals for peace, and gory threats of blood. That sound of a whiner, grown big and now scary-daring himself to fight.

To add to that scary "It's 1939 all over again" vibe, veteran China-watcher Gordon G. Chang is writing about the way that Beijing is taking steps that indicate that China intends to invade India:

China in recent weeks has sent tens of thousands of troops to its disputed border with India in Ladakh, high in the Himalayas.

Beijing looks as if it is preparing for a full-scale invasion of Indian territory.


In May of last year, the People's Liberation Army moved troops south of the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh, in other words, into Indian-controlled territory. A month later, on the night of June 15, Chinese soldiers launched a surprise attack, killing 20 Indian troops.

India responded by reinforcing its forces and launching a counterattack in August. China then added to its troop count, increasing the number of soldiers from 15,000 a year ago to 50,000 at this moment. Beijing has also brought advanced weapons to the area and began building bases.

Ladakh is not the only Himalayan hotspot. There is a Chinese encroachment in India's Sikkim as well as incursions in neighboring Bhutan and Nepal.

In the same article, Chang notes that even the Washington Post sees cause for concern in China's actions and Xi's words:

Beijing looks as though it is even thinking of using nuclear weapons to fight the next war.

The Washington Post reported China appears to be building, in an area covering more than 700 square miles in the Gansu desert, 119 missile silos for the ten-warhead DF-41 intercontinental ballistic missile. When added to 26 more silos the Chinese military is building elsewhere, China could soon be housing from these fixed locations about as much firepower as the existing U.S. nuclear arsenal. When China's missiles carried on mobile launchers and submarines are added, China's warheads could end up exceeding America's.

Because Beijing already has a sufficient number of nukes to deter others — China has had for a long time sufficient weapons for a so-called "minimal deterrent"— it looks as if Chinese military planners are thinking of using nuclear weapons in an offensive capacity. China's flag officers and political leaders have in public threatened to use their arsenal in this way.

I don't think China is planning to wage war.  I think China is already waging war.  It began with industrial espionage, moved to using prison and slave labor to undercut Western manufacturing, and then bought up the world's politicians, tech tyrants, and industrialists, either with straight cash bribes or with the promise of unparalleled riches from the Chinese market.

The fourth phase was COVID.  China might not have meant to release it in 2020 (that might have been a careless accident), but it was always intended as a weapon of war.  Any collateral damage in the form of Chinese civilians deaths was never going to be a problem: with 1.6 billion people, China could afford to lose a few million. Anyway, its harsh quarantining process (locking people up to die as a medieval lord would have) meant it could control the disease.  Remember that, even as it quarantined Wuhan, it made sure to allow its citizens to travel around the world.

Now, with its addled puppet in the White House, rather than Donald Trump, our military focused on transgenderism and race wars, and leftists' lunatic insistence that Biden must yield to China to prevent climate change, China knows that it has free agency to wage a hot war, instead of a cold war or biological war.  To say we are living in dangerous times doesn't even begin to address what's happening here.

Image: China Communist Party 100th Anniversary celebration.  YouTube screen grab.

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