Let's stop pretending men are women just because they say they are

Last week, a viral video showed a woman confronting the staff at Wi Spa in Los Angeles because there was a naked man in the women-only steam room, which had girls as well as women present.  On Saturday, Antifa showed up and tried to beat the snot out of anyone who dared to say that a man is not a woman.  On Sunday, though, another woman published a video regarding a similar, deeply disturbing experience she had at the same spa over a year ago.

Here's the almost ten-minute video in which the woman tells about her and her six-year-old daughter's experience when they went for a mom-daughter date at Wi Spa, a family-run Korean spa that caters to families.  And because it is a traditional Korean spa, people strip down to the buff when they enter the sex-segregated spa area.  A lot of the people in the women's area are Korean grandmothers there with their daughters and granddaughters.  But I'll let her tell the tale:

If you don't have time for the video, what the woman details is pretty grim:

A person, I guess, with a penis and a beard came over with two girlfriends. They appeared to me to be lesbians with tattoos and colored hair. And they appeared, the three of them, to be kind of progressive activist types. They came in with kind of an entitled attitude and they sat down on the edge of the hot tub where I was with my daughter, my six-year-old daughter who was naked. And the person with the penis sat down on the edge of the hot tub with...just fully on display with his genitals fully on display.

The woman explains that she's a Democrat, she's progressive, and she's not homophobic, but this, she says, was different:

This person wasn't making any attempt to look like a woman whatsoever. They walked in with the most entitled attitude, almost like spreading their legs on purpose.

The problem for the woman narrating the situation is that, as a card-carrying Democrat/progressive, she really didn't feel she could say anything.  She supports the LGBT agenda, so she delicately complained to the Korean management and felt bad about the whole experience, as if she had done something wrong.

Having mulled over the experience for over a year, though, she showed up at the protest against so-called "transgender women" flaunting themselves before little girls.  One there, she was upset to see Antifa playing the avenging heroes in support of so-called homophobes.

This is how people get red-pilled — they get mugged by reality and realize that Democrats are selling them lies.  Judging by the comments to the video, women and men are beginning to understand that they're victims of a con job.

Also in Monday's news, there was the story of the Brazilian man who is obsessed with looking like a Satanic creature.  To achieve that look, he's not only tattooed all over, but he's had bumps implanted all over his head and tusks implanted in his mouth, had his nose and ears surgically removed, split his tongue, and just recently had a finger chopped off.

This is body dysphoria, pure and simple — and everybody recognizes it for what it is.  But at least this guy is just doing it to himself.  He's not demanding that Brazil worship him as Satan, and nobody's pretending that he should.

But honestly, is there any difference between his slice-and-dice surgery and the fact that tragically mentally ill people cut off healthy tissue and mutilate their bodies into vague simulacra of the opposite sex?  And what about the ones like the man at Wi Spa, who's just an exhibitionist optimizing California laws forcing businesses such as Wi Spa to allow him to indulge in his sick pedophilia?

We need to stop feeling guilty about speaking the truth.  The mentally ill people who claim not to be their biological sex need our sympathy and treatment (possibly hormones aligned with their biological sex?).  They do not need us to fall in with their delusions.  And the ones who are not mentally ill, but are using the laws for economic, athletic, and sexual advantage (including rape and exhibitionism), need to be banned from women's and girl's spaces without apology and without that damned pronoun madness.

Image: YouTube video screen grab.

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