Leftists can't connect the dots

When I was a kid, I loved the connect-the-dots puzzles and connecting the sequence of numbers until a completed picture emerged.  Leftists would most certainly have trouble with such activities since they appear to be woefully inept at connecting the dots to the lousy conclusions reached by their failed ideologies.

What do they think the end scenario will be from teaching racist CRT doctrine to children from pre-school through high school?  What about the outcome of canceling fossil fuels to rely mainly on renewable energy?  Are they connecting any dots to see the outcome of passing trillion-dollar budgets when the economy is already facing inflation?  Are they following the sequence to see the endgame of allowing seemingly endless numbers of illegal aliens into our country?

Leftists are not known for their critical thinking skills.  Even when their radical policies fail, they double down or place blame on someone or something totally unrelated.  It is understandable that some people believe that Democrat mayors, like Bill de Blasio of N.Y. and Lori Lightfoot of Chicago, are bringing their cities down on purpose.  How else can one explain such cluelessness and inability to envision the dreadful outcomes of their reckless policies?  Blue cities release criminals from jail, refuse to prosecute serious crimes, and cut police budgets.  Much of the population, including the most vulnerable, are able to make a connection to soaring crime, but they are made to survive the consequences of corruption, lack of vision, and failed leadership. 

The left cannot or will not connect the dots because leftists play by their own rules and don't seem to care about the results. 

Image via Max Pixel.

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