Kamala Harris claims she's in talks with GOP on Democrat voting 'reform' bill, can't name a single one

S.1, the Democrat-proposed "For the People" election "reform" law, is dead in the water.  Canny old Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell and his Republicans understood very well that it would rig elections solely for Democrats and gave it the deep-six last June. 

But weeks later, now–vice president Kamala Harris is telling the press she's still on it.  She claims she's talking with Republicans in her capacity as president of the Senate to win bipartisan support for the same old bill, as johnny-come-lately as that sounds.

The problem: She isn't.

According to CBS:

Vice President Kamala Harris says she is speaking with Republican senators on a key piece of voting legislation. During a phone interview with CBS News, the vice president said there is "no bright line" defining whom she speaks to about voting rights legislation. She said it's "a non-partisan issue" and "should be approached that way."

In response to a question about whether she had spoken with any GOP senators about S. 1, the sweeping voting rights bill that has been blocked in the Senate, she replied, "I have spoken to Republican senators — both elected Republicans and Republican leaders," Harris said, and she identified one GOP senator.

The story does not contain a sound recording of the phone call, so I can't tell if she was asked for or volunteered the name of Sen. Lisa Murkowski as the Republican (singular) she says she's talking to about the bill. 

It was a bad claim that got embarrassing: Murkowski's office says they talked about the ongoing Biden infrastructure bill, not the dead-and-buried S.1 bill.  So there was this:

Harris' office later clarified that the two had discussed infrastructure, not voting rights. A spokesperson for Murkowski confirmed Wednesday that her conversations recently with Harris have been "solely on infrastructure."

Did Harris's office volunteer that clarification first, as the story suggests, or did Harris's office offer that clarification only after Murkowski's office denied the claim?  The report does not say.

It's also worth noting although Harris claims to be talking to Republican senators (note the plural), she was only able to name one, who denied it.

So what does she have?  Just an assignment to get the S.1 "For the People" act passed by Joe Biden, and nothing at all to show for it.

This rather shows that she's utterly wretched at delivering to Biden the political results he wants if she can't even reach a single Republican.  She has 50 GOP senators to choose from, and, based on her embarrassing Murkowski whiff, she's obviously reached none.  She's the vice president, president of the Senate, and a former senator herself, yet she doesn't know any Republicans she can call up to make her case to, to get those ten votes needed to override the GOP filibuster, which is what scuppered the proposed law.  That's some political skill.

Now, it's possible she's just lazy — her border czar performance pretty well shows that general disposition.

But it's also possible that she's lived in a bubble and never actually met a Republican.  Her career has spanned from Berkeley to Oakland to San Francisco to the fancy parts of Los Angeles, all deepest blue territories.  She's done stretches in Washington, D.C. for college and lived in college towns in Wisconsin and Canada.  She was lost among the moderate Democrats of Iowa and never made any political headway for herself, dropping out of the primaries in her presidential run before they started.

All told, Republicans to her might as well be from Mars.  So no surprise, she doesn't know any.

Her other problem is that she's made her political way solely in one-party blue states and cities, with single-party Democrat machines, which built her up like the old Hollywood studio bosses used to promote starlets.  She got her political start as Willie Brown's mistress. 

All of that has left her politically flabby, unable to swim outside her political bubble to cut deals.  In her life, there's never been any political back and forth; there's just a quest to be the biggest leftist.

She wouldn't know a Republican any more than Pauline Kael.  Republicans, to a Harris-style leftist, are completely evil, so even to talk to one is sin, and other lefties might start buzzing.

That works poorly for her, given that half the country is Republican.  To the Biden administration and Harris, in particular, Republicans are actually non-persons.  Democrats, thus far, have governed as extremists, imagining that their razor-thin political majorities give them a massive mandate to "reset" the country.  They don't do compromise with that attitude.

It certainly explains why they can't whittle down that infrastructure bill from a gargantuan $3 trillion, perhaps to make it include just actual infrastructure projects, which might pass in the Senate.  That's why they are never going to pass any of their vote-rigging bills.  And it's why they can't pass some kind of sensible if annoying immigration amnesty, which would have to include border security.  They can't compromise at all because they can't take half a loaf or split things down the middle.

Harris's Senate record, by the way, in this regard is very instructive. 

According to Roll Call, Harris votes against even her own party, quite reflexively, if the legislation is something Republicans want.  This is obvious in bills that have passed on a bipartisan basis.  She just can't join them:

Notable times that she has dissented with the party include her 2019 vote against a Middle East security package that warned against "precipitous withdrawal" of U.S. military forces in Syria and Afghanistan. She was one of 22 Democratic caucus members to cast a no vote.

She was one of eight Democrats this past January to vote against the passage of a trade agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada that would replace the North American Free-Trade Agreement.

Doesn't matter what the bill is.  This explains her record as a leftist to the left of Bernie Sanders in the Senate, too, something she giggled about awhile back.

But it also explains her amazing ineptitude at even getting a Republican on the phone to win a few over in order to pass bipartisan legislation.

For Joe, she's useless, so her claim to be talking with Republicans about passing long dead bills is probably a bid to convince Biden she's not the most feckless, worthless, embarrassing vice president in U.S. history.

As with her border-wall trip, she seems to be good at preaching to the choir, in that case, meeting with open-borders advocates instead of angry locals.  Now, she's on camera, meeting with election poll workers to shill her cause, the very people who rigged the 2020 election.

She never meets with the people whose minds she needs to change.

Yet now she's fakin' it.  And once again, she got caught.

Image: The Hill video via YouTube, screen shot.

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