Judge slaps down exclusion of Larry Elder from California recall ballot

Larry Elder now has the de facto endorsement of the state's Democrat establishment as the candidate they fear the most, thanks to California secretary of state Shirley Weber, appointed by Gavin Newsom in December.  Weber's "clumsy effort" to exclude Elder was explained yesterday on these pages by Andrea Widburg, and it was so inept that it took Superior Court judge Laurie M. Earl little time to throw it out Wednesday and order Elder onto the ballot.  The AP explains:

Under a new requirement, candidates for California governor must publicly release tax returns for the five most recent years to qualify for the ballot. The rule was passed in an effort by Democrats to force then-President Donald Trump to release his tax returns during the 2020 election. A court struck down the presidential requirement but left it in place for gubernatorial candidates.

But the judge determined the rule didn't apply to recall elections and, even if it did, Elder substantially complied.

"I don't find that Mr. Elder was required to file tax returns at all," the judge said.

Elder tweeted out a joyous double thumbs-up:

California GOP super-lawyer Harmeet Dhillon explained in more detail in a series of tweets:

Photo credit: Twitter screeen grab (cropped).